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Comparison of two magazine adverts.

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Comparison of two magazine adverts In this essay I will be comparing two magazine adverts and deciding which of the two is the better. In each advert I will look at the layout, the colour, the object and the size of the product being sold. There could be unique differences between adverts for hair product, cereals and games. There are two objects in the advert a male (19-21) and Spyro the Dragon. The male is having his rear burnt by Spyros hot flames. He is jumping out of the way, not looking at the camera, while Spyro is poking his head around the corner looking at the camera. ...read more.


This advert is aimed at people who like to play on kid's games and have either a PS2 or a Game Cube. The name of the product means a kid's game. In this advert there are two objects on the page, one is a DVD of bigFATliar and the other is a video of bigFATliar. There is a big blue blob in the background behind the writing. The writing says, "If you like Home Alone and Spy Kids you'll love bigFATliar". Unlike the Spyro advert, which is for a PS2 game, bigFATliar is for a DVD or video. On the DVD and video there is Frankie Muniz and Amanda Bynes both looking into the camera. ...read more.


The people on the video and DVD are wearing sunglasses. There is small print up both of the adverts but the Spyro one is copyrighting all the characters of the games. I think the Spyro advert is the better of the two adverts because it seems to use all the space and is more appealing to the young people of the present time. And there is more to look at on the Sypro: Enter The Dragonfly advert. The bigFATliar looks like it was put together in a matter of minutes. And it is very poor at the way it is set out. It is also a wasteful appearance. If I were going to buy one of the products I would buy the Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly. Mike Baines 10H Page 1 5/9/2007 ...read more.

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