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Comparison of two newspaper articles. The two articles I have chosen to compare are from The Daily Mail and The Guardian. They are both talking about the incidents on September the eleventh and the Al Qaeda, as the date I bought the newspaper

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Media coursework- Comparison of two newspaper articles I will be analysing two different newspaper articles; an article from a broadsheet newspaper and another from a tabloid newspaper. I will analyze the different techniques the newspapers use and how they present their stories. Different newspaper target different audiences. This can consist of many different types of people. Tabloids are known as 'The people's paper' because they are more informal in the manner they tell information and tend to focus on stories which involve stories that the readers can relate to. Their target audience is stereotyped as less intelligent readers that prefer newspaper to give them an opinion on an issue. Broadsheets are known as 'The Intelligent Paper' because they are more informing and formal in the manner they convey news. Their target audience is stereotyped as mature, well educated, and middle to upper class people. Broadsheets inform the readers with facts on the subject matter. The two articles I have chosen to compare are from 'The Daily Mail' and 'The Guardian'. They are both talking about the incidents on September the eleventh and the Al Qaeda, as the date I bought the newspapers were on 9/11/09 'The Daily Mail' focuses on an individual involved in the incident, called Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Both newspapers present the story differently to each other, but they both aim to make the newspapers attractive. ...read more.


It is easily noticed that 'The Daily Mail' is meant for readers that do not have to knowledgeable. Hence, the language used is simple: "The passenger, a Japanese engineer called Haruki Ikegami, was blown to pieces and the pilot wrestled to land the badly damaged plane with 292 people on board." This sentence isn't very complicated and is very easy to understand. The informal word 'wrestled' adds evidence that 'The Daily Mail' targets a simple audience; an audience which do not have to be knowledgeable. This shows the article is aimed at a simple audience. The broadsheet is targeted at the age group thirty plus and readers interested in international matters. It is easily noticed that 'The Guardian' is meant for readers that are knowledgeable; therefore, the language used is complex: "Its activity is increasingly dispersed to "affiliates" or "franchises" in Yemen and North Africa, but the links of regional jihadi groups to the centre are tenuous; they enjoy little popular support and successes have been limited." The sentence is long and complicated; this shows that the article is aimed at a more capable reader than a tabloid's reader. There is also a lack of simple language. The word "tenuous" is not used a lot and many people who are not knowledgeable will not understand this. Language is used to make a newspaper as interesting as possible; both newspapers use different types of language to keep both readers interested. ...read more.


No particular message is delivered to the reader by 'The Guardian'. The article has been written only to inform the reader about it. I can come to a conclusion, from analyzing both articles, the first from a tabloid and the other from a broadsheet. I can conclude that the audience, language, layout, if the article is biased and if it sends out a message depends on if the newspaper is a tabloid or a broadsheet. Tabloids aim to create emotion amongst readers, whereas the broadsheet aims to inform its readers and let them make up their own mind about the current affair. Readers of a tabloid are normally less knowledgeable and are uninterested in issues that do not affect them. On the other hand, a broadsheet reader is expected to be more knowledgeable and be interested in business and politics. The language used and the layout of the article changes depending on the target audience. The layout is similar in both papers in the sense they both use images and columns. However tabloids choose to present it on a larger scale, such as using white text on a black background with a heading in capital letters. The language is also more complicated in the broadsheet and has only been used to inform. 'The Daily Mail' is biased towards Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and uses a less informing tone unlike broadsheets. A message is obvious in 'The Daily Mail'. In my opinion, both types of newspapers have successfully reached their targets. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ikram Uddin 11T CA8 ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

A good exploration of tabloid and broadsheet newspapers. The student has looked at language, layout and bias. To improve, they could have looked at subtle emotional language signifiers used in broadsheets. ***

Marked by teacher Paul Dutton 01/12/2012

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