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Construction - receiving a brief.

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Construction. As the brief was given I started to research many existing Sunday supplements. Research was needed to give a better understanding as to what techniques and codes are used to separate them from other magazines. The conventions that I have used for my supplement are: large pictures, main and sub headings, intensity of lighting on images, medium shots of actress, large quotes, columned interview and a certain representation of the interviewee. After researching quite some depth into the supplements I noticed these codes that were used, all the magazines had used these codes and techniques. I then constructed a hand drawn draft of the layout of my magazine. The layouts of all three types of supplements (broadsheet, tabloid, daily) were varied so I chose the most convenient layout of the Sunday times as this had not too much text and 2-3 images on a double page spread article. ...read more.


The text on the left side of the page has been used to give an impression that there are all these articles in the supplement, also the two images at the bottom and the quotes have been used to give a preview of what's inside. The contents page was inspired by 'The Sunday Times Magazine'. Tools, text colour (various colours), free transform (alters image size), outer bevel (sub heading). The double page spread article consists of 5 original images. 1. Actress supposedly holding Oscar. 2. Supposed front cover of a mainstream magazine. 3,4&5. Actress with family in an 'American' home. The mise en scene of the family image was scanned in, but the other two backgrounds were constructed. The technical decision was where my images were going to be placed; I decided to integrate them with the text. Tools used, filters (lens flare for flashes effect), emboss (quotes), variations (alter clothes colour). ...read more.


The layout of my article was very difficult, so I chose to create the article into to several paragraphs leaving no spaces in between. This was deeply influenced by 'The Sunday Times Magazine' interview layouts. The pictures in my article are not very realistic due to the small experience I have with Photoshop, I could greatly improve on them, and also I could further improve on researching more. Potential buyers would see my newspaper and supplement as one of the established broadsheets, so it would sell to readers of a 20+ group. I used large images to give the reader a stress-free feel, as they wouldn't get 'frightened' by the amount of text. My final product was shown to a real audience. The reactions were satisfying as most of them were impressed and agreed that it gave a supplement look and feel, also that they would purchase it, if it were on the shelves. Overall I am pleased with my final product and hope that I have achieved what was intended. SAJID MEHMOOD HUSSAIN? MEDIA STUDIES COURSEWORK CAT JAB ...read more.

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