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Consumer and Organisational Buying Behaviour Assignment

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Consumer and Organisational Buying Behaviour Assignment Choose two adverts from the press (newspapers or Magazines) one of a high involvement good and the other of a low involvement good. Compare them while identifying the various techniques used in consumer behaviour to communicate the message. You may contact the producers of the advert. High Involvement Good: Residence Relevant Advert: Ad for Apartment in Tigne' Point. Low Involvement Good: International Telephone service Relevant Advert: Ad for OneVoice Low-cost International phone cards International phone calls are nowadays an everyday necessity for many people living in the Western world, whether for business purposes or to keep in touch with partners, friends or relatives abroad. This is especially so in Malta since practically every Maltese person living here has relatives who have emigrated, a substantial expatriate community exists and because of the small size of the island and total absence of most raw materials, almost every kind of business necessitates frequent international phone calls. Besides, as the OneVoice advert I have chosen clearly demonstrates, international phone calls have become as affordable (and as necessary) to many people living in Malta as low cost basic food stuffs and drinks. ...read more.


There may be people who believe that by buying products such as Julie is seen to use, her desirable qualities will somehow rub off on them. Julie's almond shaped eyes - purposely emphasized with make up - also gave her a distinctly oriental appearance in these past photos and presumably this helped the advert also to reach out to the many Chinese students (known to be heavy users of international phone call services) and workers in the Maltese islands. Julie is featured wearing a strapless dress or top and this gives just a hint of sexiness as well as style reminiscent of traditional, classic ball gowns and not just of modern fashion in clothes - all the more to appeal to as many tastes as possible. All in all, the OneVoice advert is designed to appeal to as many different people -from all walks of life living or temporarily staying in Malta- as possible. In contrast the Tigne' Point advert targets the international jet set community, particularly sophisticated, class conscious, money rich but "time poor' discerning individuals (hence the need for 'Exceptional residences...Stylish apartments fashionable piazza ... health and leisure facilities, high tech offices and high street shopping..." ...read more.


In contrast to the OneVoice ad, the Tigne' ad seems to purposely avoid the blatant use of a recognisable high profile personality or anything that might be perceived to be too sexy or revealing since it needs to attract any potential affluent customer, whatever his/her nationality, race, ethnic origin, personality, role model, beliefs, level of permissiveness, prejudice or religion. One also notes that there is no sign of a cocktail cabinet or an alcoholic drink on the coffee table seen in the Tigne' Point advert (as we have become accustomed to seeing in so many other "Western world" adverts). This is in keeping with what has become to be considered as a healthier lifestyle in recent years. It also avoids putting off any potential practicing Moslem clients in view of the fact that many Arab oil magnates are known to be avid yachters. All in all, the Tigne' Point advert is designed to position the product as an extremely exclusive, upmarket and elite des res worthy of very well-off, successful achievers and people "who have arrived and want to show it" whatever nationality or ethnic origin they may have whereas the OneVoice advert strives to convey the idea that every body can afford and indeed, should have, OneVoice's international call service. ...read more.

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