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Contrast and compare two advertisements.

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Contrast and compare two advertisements. The advert for the Vauxhall Zafira is set in a people carrier, presumably the car itself. It shows a 'mother and daughter' dressed in casual clothing. The mother is smiling as she drives suggesting she is content. Also featured prominently in the advert are 5 teddy bears sat in the 5 remaining seats. Because of this and the catchphrase of the advert - 'Sometimes you need extra space for friends' it is evident that the unique selling point (USP) is that the Zafira is 'spacious and has 'extra space for friends.' Just by looking at the photograph you can see how they make the USP appealing to all types of people. The image itself features only the girl and her mother so this may appeal to single parents, but I think that it is a family car directed at the mother. ...read more.


Humour is used throughout the advert. As soon as the advert starts, the Frenchman is talking in his exaggerated French accent and acts like a 'typical' French person, with spiky hair and an angry mood. He makes fun of the car and obviously doesn't like it, but at the end of the advert, as he shuts the door of the car, he gets his tie stuck in it, as if the car is getting its own back on him, and making fun of him. The accent and what the Frenchman says is also a humour point. He uses his accent all the time, speaking in English, but very French sounding, and mixing the odd French word in here and there, but at the end, when he gets his tie stuck, he says "Gordon Bennett!" which is a typical English phrase. ...read more.


The Frenchman is in a room full of clutter at first, but then it cuts to the car in a simple white area with the lights visible, as if it were looking at a photo shoot for a beautiful model from a distance. There are a lot of short rapid cuts during the first part, and fewer in the second because of the presence of the car. All of this is trying to tell the viewer that the car is better. After the curse at the end by the Frenchman, and the madness, a smooth English male voice comes in and sums up what they are trying to say, and is a contrast to the previous 'mad' Frenchman. This is said over the ending scene / frame of the advert with the writing about the car on it. Over all, I think that Citroen have made a successful and appealing advertisement for their Xsara model, which would make the car more memorable, and therefore more profitable car / sale. ...read more.

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