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Create two advertisements for a new brand of trainer called 'Streets'.

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Alex McAllister Supporting Account The task I was asked to do, was to create two advertisements for a new brand of trainer called 'Streets'. This included deciding upon a target audience, the name of your trainer from the list given, also to come up with a slogan. These two print advertisements were to be suitable for magazines. The advertisements had to be produced on A4 paper from an original image taken from a digital camera. For my first advertisement I chose the model name 'skate'. This model name I thought was appealing to the male skaters. The trainers represented the rebellious stages of life that the average teenage male would go through. In the advert they are portrayed as cutting edge, beyond limits. The average skater is included in a rock band, most nights he is bound to be at a local get together with friends or doing a gig. On other free days he is most likely to be practising his kick flips tricks down the stairs of south bank. ...read more.


The original picture has been manipulated and changed into what looks to be a painting, and every painting has a story behind it. This allows the audience to interpret the advertisement as they like. It has a plain background of the sky, to show his height that he achieves on the skateboard. The words 'street skate' read across the top, in white pointed writing. I chose this style font as the pointed parts on the letter show that these trainers are cutting edge. Your eyes see the model name of the train the go down to the image and finally the anchorage. The anchorage at the bottom right hand corner reads 'Something's in the air'. This anchorage is suitable for the advertisement because for one the obvious reason that he is in fact in the air, also that there are no limits with these trainers, they allow you to go beyond the boundaries and almost beat gravity. This advert is slightly simplistic, however carries an incomplete look, a feeling that's something is missing and the spectators of the advert can not work it out. ...read more.


By adding these affects, and letting the image no longer be a simple average picture, I think the audience have more focus on it. I believe that the appearance is appealing to the target audience selected, as it shows their interests and hobbies on the advert itself. My other advert for 'street sport' is very simplistic compared to my other advert. It shows the contrast between the age groups of the two target audiences. The advert does have a professional look about it, however by changing the colour scheme or adding road like features to the grey background it may have become more obvious to the audience what the anchorage was linked to. The advert for 'streets skate' has similarities to the advert I deconstructed as it had themes of status and power and also limits. I consider that my target audiences chosen will be attracted to the adverts, as they contain interests and simplistic styles. They are effective because I have researched 'skaters' and young athletes interests, however more colour could have been added to the 'street sport' advert to make it more eye catching. Overall I am pleased with the standard of work I have produced for this task. ...read more.

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