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Creating a Newsletter for a Football Club

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Evaluation Task Brief The main objective of this project was "to create a newsletter for Erdington Star Football Club that is easy to make and that the future editions are of a similar layout. A benefit of the project is that the club has a well-presented informative newsletter with regular articles that the members are interested in and enjoy." Intended Audience My intended audience was the members of Erdington Star Football Club. This group consisted of a wide range of people, from young children to their grandparents. However, I do not expect that the young children would read it with as much interest so I wrote the articles for an older audience. ...read more.


On word processing programs the positioning of the text is always right across the page and a sub-heading or a line could only separate articles between the two. On this publisher program I could place my text boxes all around the page which made the newsletter more attractive. Other software that I used was, Microsoft Paint to create advertisements for my newsletter and due to the poor variety of WordArt in the publishing program, I used Microsoft Word as it has a better variety and more choice of WordArt formats. Techniques I inserted clip art pictures into my newsletter by selecting the space I wished it to be placed and then selecting my chosen picture and clicking on insert. ...read more.


I also copied and pasted the adverts I created in Paint. Sources of Information My main source of information was my imagination. I used the names of members of my football team and I also invented some and also mixed and matched surnames and forenames. Clipart pictures were attained from the clipart gallery, which I accessed from the toolbar on the left of the Publisher screen. Problems I didn't really encounter many problems. I suppose my first problem was the WordArt variety supply in Publisher and then finding a better supply, which I consequently found in Word. I do not know if using a different Desktop Publishing program would have helped in this problem because I have no other experience in using others such as Page Plus. Philip Taylor ...read more.

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