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Creating my own broadsheet front page

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Creating my own broadsheet front page Introduction I visited the guardian newsroom. This was a requirement as part of my course.The purpose of the day was to experience what it is like to be a journalist.I was able to get an insight into the work of a journalist. I had the opportunity to research into the latest news and recording this down in a newspaper format.The news source that I used most often was the wires. The wires are very useful, as it shows the latest story updates. I also used the internet to look for any pictures that I could use for my article.My partner and I had to look at stories that our audience would be interested in reading. One particular tragic story had caught our attention, called "Baby in the bin". It was very difficult to find any pictures for this story. ...read more.


It is important to keep the public informed of the latest news around the world. The war is a main issue in the media and public eye at the moment, therefore feel it is a great story to use. I left my main story towards the end. This was the advice given by one of the journalists on the day. She recommended that we should leave the top stories towards the very end because if any breaking news did came in later on in the day then it wouldn't be to much trouble to use. This would make life easier when formatting the actual layout of the paper. The journalist gave the example of the twin towers and how she was able to fit this into the front page without any delay. Our main story was based on abortion and how it is still banned in Northern Ireland. ...read more.


We also supported each other and respected each others views. We split the tasks evenly between us for example I researched into finding stories whilst my friend searched the internet. We found this enabled to produce quality work by the time set. We both made a good team effort. We learnt how to work towards tight deadlines. We had to produce our broadsheet by 2pm. This meant a lot of hard work. We planned our work carefully but talking through what was required and wrote this down on paper. We set a time frame for each task. I was able to manage my time by splitting tasks evenly between myself and my partner and setting ourselves targets. I thought this day was very enjoyable. I learnt so much about journalism. Although journalism is very fun it also requires a lot of hard work. You would have to be very good at working to dead lines and to be a good team player. I also learnt that to sell a good paper you must have news that people want to read. ...read more.

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