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Criticism of the BBC

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The True Nature of the BBC English Essay In this modern age, you would expect immense, governing entertainment corporations such as the BBC to give its employees a decent wage or to set an example on good wages. But the BBC it seems chooses to spend its money on "talent" otherwise known as celebrities of the highest standard than actually improving the quality of their TV programmes or the wages of their "lesser" employees. As covered by Terence Blacker in the Independent, who highlights the faults of the British corporation, the BBC, describing them as having "an inconsistent, almost dysfunctional attitude towards money". I cannot help but agree with the writer's point of view as recent reports into the spending of the BBC show that employees working even in mid-management receive a very low wage, near the average UK wage. ...read more.


The BBC seems to separate the celebrities and the civilians in contrast to the country that we live in. He points out the difference between enormous amounts of money being poured into celebrities to the continuous poor and bad quality dramas and TV programmes. But this is not blindly done, the author takes a more serious tone as he almost accuses the public of fuelling this. Giving an example of how the public react to anything Jeremy Clarkson says which in turn gets him attention and then the BBC happily extends Jeremy's over-paid and long contract and salary. It's not the money of the BBC that is being spent but our money from license fees. The writer disapproves of the BBC's policies and the way the body is run, expressing disdain, at the difference between the low-paid employees and the over-paid celebrities. ...read more.


After reading the article thoroughly, I agree with the writer's point of view on the subject and the spending of our money. The BBC should be more open on the wages of employees on all levels of the corporation as well as making a bigger effort on improving the quality of their TV programmes than over-paying their celebrities on what they call "talent costs". NOTE: This essay does not comment on sentence structure, imagery or word choice used by the writer. Written casually in free time. Other essays also written by me: Teenage Drinking: Best Approach Based upon the independent article by Thomas Sutcliffe Essay is approx. - 655 words 100M World Record: How Much Faster Can Humans Run? Based upon the independent article by Mike Rowbottom Essay is approx. - 345 words ?? ?? ?? ?? ~ 2 ~ ...read more.

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