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Customer Behaviour

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Customer Behaviour 1.1 The aims of this assignment is to find out what I understand about Customer Behaviour and the knowledge we have about different buying habits of customers what makes us as consumers purchase that particular product from the shops. If you look at any product whether they are clothes, shoes, or even if they are household items like food and toiletries it normally has a story behind it to sell that product, in this case that brand. Marketers can influence consumers to buy any product they want, they do this by using a process known as market concepts this process is used in every day life whether it is a superstore or the local corner shop selling milk and bread. 1.2 First the marketers would find out what is the purpose of the product who would Use that particular product and why they would use that product. This would be in the research stage at the sometime they would put this product into its right segmented group, for example is that particular product used by women, or men this is than known as segmented into different sex group male and female gender. 1.3 Than the marketers would find out how they can make that product successful to If it is an existing brand product like for example Kellogg cornflakes they ...read more.


Even MTV helps to sell a particular product if you see a jumper warn on your best Singer it would influence to go out and buy the same jumper, that can empower a Customer to. 2.1 The linkage between consumer behaviour and marketing strategy is that they both Are essential to one another. The definition for this is given in the textbook Consumer Behaviour A European Perspectives by Michael Solomon, Gary Bamossy, Soren Askegaard second edition, on pg7 it says that " Consumer Behaviour is good businesses. A basic marketing concept states that firms exists Consumer needs. These can only be satisfied to the extent that marketers Understand the people or the organisations that will use the products and services They offer, and that they do so better than their competitors". 2.2 By marketers carrying out research on consumers, on why existing products are Not selling as well as they should they can decide on how they can improve that Product, for example in the early 80s Yo were in fashion the trend of Yo declined To bring the Yo back, in the U.S they started improving the old Yo by turning the Plastic cheap covers into metallic covering than the Yo firms were sponsored by Businesses like Cadburys and Coco Cola, this gave the Yo a new look. ...read more.


That is why marketers work with consumers they use psychology of the brain to see what consumers want and what is in demand they do this by monitoring the buying patterns of a consumers to see demand and consumers behaviour to that particular product before they purchase that product. In marketing strategy marketers look at consumers very closely to do this they would use primary research. Than summarise it with secondary research to conclude their ideas with finding patterns of which product is in demand, they would use economics by using supply and demand graph of trends during the last 5 years for example the Yo was in fashion in the late 80's early 90's they would look at what started the trend and how it spread world wide marketers would do this by looking at what consumers wants and needs to improve the Yo. Marketers can influence consumers buy looking at what product they buy, the amount they buy. Than they would carry out an analytical report with big businesses for example Marks Spencer chain store and tell them how they can improve their sales, this done by a group of panel who work in the marketing department for example management team who would than take notes from the outsider the researcher whom would than discuss how to improve sales of existing stock. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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