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Dave Waterman - Original Writing

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John Saunders - 10R 8/11/01 -> Original writing: The Dave Waterman Mystery. INTRODUCTION: It was the year 2000, Leeds, "You've had long enough, mate... Now where is it?" "I don't know what you're talking about," "SILENCE!" "Leave me alone!" The walls looked to be caving in on Dave Waterman like wolves circling around their prey. The room dimmed, the windows were blacked, and the tension was upped. "Please, let me go! Ple..." Music drowned out the screams, as daggers pierced Dave's body. "Dead... lets go" The body of Dave Waterman was on the floor, as his blood dripped down some stone steps to a dark cellar... A person lurked in the corner; the silence broken by the drumming of their heartbeat. "Are you alright, mate?" whispered the shadow. Dave's body lay in a heap, circled by a pool of blood. Cautiously, the stranger approached Dave. He was on the edge of death; his pulse faded as blood pumped from the lacerations left by the daggers. "What have you being doing?" Whispered the person humorously as he tapped 999 into his mobile phone. Suddenly, eerie blue lights dominated the darkness as emergency crews arrived. It looked like they were too late... As Dave was taken away, the person slipped away, unnoticed by the emergency services. He decided to run into some dark bushes away from the action. Camouflaged, the shadow watched, listening, and hoping that Dave would make it, and that gang wouldn't succeed in robbing him of his life. When the coast seemed clear, the stranger ran away. 21st September 2000, 03:50 As Dave was rushed into hospital, he was fighting for his life. ...read more.


He walked down them with great caution, avoiding the splashes of blood. He presumed it was the dark room Dave was talking about. The click of his torch broke the long, unnerving silence of the room. Greenfield was amazed by the amounts of blood staining the floor. Greenfield was marvelling in disbelief, when he suddenly uttered, "What the...?" He noticed a black box. Just in case it was something vital for the murder case, he put on is gloves, taking great care to avoid any blood. Greenfield crouched down beside the box, and grimaced as he reached into the blood to retrieve it. It was a mobile phone! He pondered over why a mobile phone was down here for a moment; before remembering that Dave told him about a shadow dialling 999 on his mobile phone. Greenfield started grinning, because if his hunch was correct, then he had probably found the rescuer's phone - because he presumed that nobody else had been able to get in the room except him. He looked onto the phone's memory, and indeed, the last number dialled was 999. All he had to do now was to find its owner, which shouldn't be as difficult... CHAPTER 5: 21st January 2001, 08:55 Dave got a call from the police: "Hello, sir. Can you come to the station?" Dave was still dazed as the phone woke him up from another uneasy night "What are you talking about?" "Well, we now have a witness for the Waterman attacks!" "Really? How? When?" Dave didn't quite know what the police officer was talking about, as D.C. Greenfield never told him about what happened the day before... ...read more.


"She's still alive! Get a stretcher and something to stop this blood!" "Is she alright?" asked Dave "She's badly wounded... there's a strong chance that she will die" The nurse went to check her pulse again to see how fast it was beating. Silence. The nurse bowed her head as she slowly stood up to bereave her. "What's wrong nurse? Come on... help her for Gods sake!" "She's dead" Dave looked distraught. He started to cry as he knelt down by her side, trying to take all this in... "Did you know her?" asked the nurse sympathetically. Dave pulled his jumper up to reveal the scars on his chest, which had still not healed, "Yeah, she saved my life!" replied Dave, before resuming his bereavement. 22nd January 2002, 11:40 A few minutes later, the chief nurse of the team told Dave that they were going to take the body away. Dave wanted to value the last seconds in her presence before he went off to carry on with his life, but knowing who his rescuer was. He assumed that some people killed her, because she was involved in drugs, and she had got into trouble with the same people as he did. Dave thought that everyone would think she was a villain in this, but in fact, Dave thought of her as a hero. Clearly shaken, he stood up, and muttered: "You may have lived dangerously, and people may have thought you were horrible for taking drugs, but you can't be all that bad if you were willing to save my life... thank you" Dave followed the stretcher outside to see her off in the van. As it drove away, he turned around and began to walk into his replenished life... The end 8 1 ...read more.

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