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"Define ideology. What kind of roles does it play in the media representation?"

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Assignment Title: "Define ideology. What kind of roles does it play in the media representation?" Ideology is a term developed in the Marxist tradition, it is sometimes associated It emphasis is about how cultures are structured in ways that enable a group holding power, in order to have the maximum control and minimum of conflict. This is not a matter of groups, organisations, people etc deliberately planning to arise conflict situations or have an oppressive attitude, but rather a matter of how the dominant institutions in society (i.e. the media) work through values in order to legitimize the current order. This legitimization is managed through widespread teaching of ideas about the way things are, and how the world really works and should work. These ideas which might be wrong or right, in a way influences people's thinking in such ways that society accepts the current way of doing things Do the media play a big role in ideology? ...read more.


are reshaping society views about news worthiness, and attracting a large amount of oppositional voices. Such oppositional parties such as trade unions, feminists, anti-racists, environmentalists, and other groups committed to social change are representing a threat to the interests of media organisations. The implications of reducing news to just a commodity form are surprising to say the least, particularly when these types of organisations are struggling to have there voices heard. Even at a glance at the front pages of different national newspapers on any given day, or the national news broadcasts on rival networks reveals a broad similarity in the stores being covered. This bias of relatively the same stories bring covered in the dominant media and news organisations shows how these media company's favour one side of an argument to an other, thus showing and revealing close ties between the media and there political and corporate counterparts. ...read more.


This propaganda briefly mapped out useful highlights and a range of important issues, which I would argue that in my view it is a necessary to convey the argument that news media organisations are in the interest of ruling class domination. The partnership of news and propaganda is, in my view, unsuitable. The propagandist unlike the journalist is set out with the deliberate intention of deceiving the public and concealing the truth he of any story not just the war in Iraq, such stories such as the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fiad, and to this day many people do not know the exact truth to what happened that day for example how come it took more than three hours to get Princess Diana to the hospital. So does ideology play a part in the media? Yes it does. Bilal Qureshi Technology, Communications & the Media Tutor - Sheamus Simpson word count - 775 ...read more.

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