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Describe and account for the differences between the front pages of two daily national newspapers printed on the same day.

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GCSE Media Studies Describe and account for the differences between the front pages of two daily national newspapers printed on the same day. The two newspaper front pages that have been chosen are 'The Sun' and 'The Times' from Monday 7th November. We would expect both the newspapers to have the same headlines and main stories, however due to the type of paper the main stories are different. 'The Sun' is a tabloid newspaper which deals with major stories in a less serious way and often the stories have humorous headlines. 'The Sun' also deals with stories from showbiz and celebrities. 'The Times' is a broadsheet newspaper which deals with global stories in a formal and serious way. It is also called a quality paper due to the formality of the writing. Newspapers are written to meet the needs of a target audience, so that there are a variety of different types of newspapers. Some newspapers may use a lot of pictures in their newspapers for readers that prefer to look at pictures and are not very well educated therefore do not enjoy reading long texts. ...read more.


The main story deals with the terrible riots across France. It also has an advert for '24 pages of pure football'. Then a list of other headlines are listed along the left-hand side of the page. The headlines cover a range of topics that are within the newspaper. The headlines include topics on health, politics and a lot of global news. By analysing the selection on both newspapers we can see that both newspapers cover sport topics, but there are no other similarities of selection. Whilst observing 'The Sun' it was seen that it only covered stories that happened in the United Kingdom and also covered stories about showbiz in a humorous sense. However, 'The Times' write a variety of stories that occur globally and also stories about entertainment but in a formal and serious way. From this it can be assumed that 'The Times' is meant for readers that prefer to read about a lot of global news in a serious aspect, whereas 'The Sun' is for a quick read that isn't meant to be read to obtain a detailed update of the news. ...read more.


There is also a summarised contents in the left-hand side column which gives a short summary of the stories inside. This shows that 'The Sun' is made for people whom enjoy looking at pictures rather than 'The Times' which is for people who enjoy reading. To sum up it can be concluded by saying after analysing both front pages of the two newspapers it was discovered that both are very different when compared with each other. It was found that 'The Sun' is aimed at people who are less-well educated and enjoy visual stimuli rather than long texts. Hence the simple language used in articles and vast amount of pictures used. 'The Times' has a target audience of well-educated people who enjoy reading text more than looking at pictures. This is why there is a lot of text on the front page and not many pictures. The main difference between the two front pages was that 'The Sun' had more pictures and colours to appeal to its audience, and 'The Times' had more text and bold headlines to appeal to its readership. Harpreet Chahal 10p GCSE Media Studies Mrs Woods - 1 - ...read more.

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