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Describe the Ways in Which One Group is Represented Across a Rang Of Media, Paying Particular Attention to Any Differences You Observe in These Representation Between Different Media. Account For These Differences.

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Describe the Ways in Which One Group is Represented Across a Rang Of Media, Paying Particular Attention to Any Differences You Observe in These Representation Between Different Media. Account For These Differences. Representation is a massive part of today's mass media and it dictates what we see and hear on TV, radio and magazines. Across these medias everything in some way or form is a re-representation of reality. This is because any thing we see or read has been either written or shot by a person with certain views and beliefs on issues such as race or sex and these issues will be shown in different ways. An example of this was given on Thursday the 18th of April 2002 The Daily Mail, a pro Conservative paper, front cover portrayed Gordon Brown wringing a public dry. This image was supported with the headline "Wringing the middle class Brown's big squeeze adds up 4p on income tax". The Sun, which is a pro Labour newspaper, promotes what Labour plan to do with the extra money made and it will help the NHS in April the 19th issue. What I wish to address in this essay is the representation of woman and if these representations are positive or negative. More specifically is how woman are looked upon in lad's magazines such as FHM and Loaded, television programmes as well as the music industry. ...read more.


Another counter argument is that 'women's' magazines are equally as stereotypical as 'lad mags' in the way that they show women who are said to be to thin, too fat, too sexy or too sexual e.g. Prepare to Bare-Tips and tricks on how to get your body beauty-licious for the beach, Cosmopolitan Hair and Beauty. Magazines, not to mention TV and music, which question the stereotypical idea of identity, which does not fit the ideological view held by the public, will always come under criticism. Women's representation on television has improved dramatically in recent years. Many people have argued that women on television are highly stereotyped in such ways as the typical 'house wife' or the 'mother in law' and or the 'blonde bimbo'. In the 1970 comedy programmes were at the height of these criticisms for their negative portal of women, a good example would be Les Dawson, "I knew it was the mother in law cause when they heard her coming, the mice started to throw themselves on the traps". Negative interpretations have also been made when it comes to old ladies, "bags" and "witches". Across the genres on television the older female characters have become bossy and impossible to please. An example of this would be Dot from Eastenders, characters such as Dot have come to realise that they physically have nothing to offer men. ...read more.


Girl bands such as the Spice Girls have used their femininity as a selling point and have reached young girls with the catch phrase 'girl power'. The Spice Girls were the first girl band to break through the pop market in the mid 1990s. This was very important as the pop industry at that time was dominated by boy bands such as 'Take That' and 'Boyz Zone', which represented women as strong intelligent individuals that had been able to compete with the major boy bands successfully. The success of girl bands lead to competition between themselves and boy bands which helped fuel the creation of other similar artist such Steps, Atomic Kitten and solo artist such as Britney Spears and Kylie Monogue. However artists such as Kylie Monogue have been criticised for using sexual as her unique selling point. However negative representations also exist in the music industry, mainly to do with gangster rap and the way they portray women. With lyrics like "Slut! You think I won't choke no whore" "Just bend over and take like a slut...ok ma!"- Eminem. These lyrics are very explicit and like 'lad mags' are thought to lower women's place in society by deteriorating how men look at women because of their use of negative stereotypical language, such as "slut" and Whore". Any type of mass media that uses stereotypes will always come under some kind of criticism because they are never able to fit every body's ideological viewpoint of that representation. By Alex Holland ...read more.

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