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Discuss the constructions of reality and conventions of film style used in Peter Weirs 'The Truman Show'. How do these help us to understand the issues of human rights and ethics of programme making, raised by the film?

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Discuss the constructions of reality and conventions of film style used in Peter Weirs 'The Truman Show'. How do these help us to understand the issues of human rights and ethics of programme making, raised by the film? 'The Truman Show' (film) is about the life of Truman Burbank. Truman was adopted at birth by a fictions T.V Company called Omnicom. Truman is being broadcasted live on T.v as a reality T.V show. 'The Truman Show' (T.V) is being broadcasted twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Truman doesn't know that he is the star of his own show and also doesn't know that he lives in an artificial world and that all the people he knows are actors. Truman Lives in Sea Haven. In reality Sea Haven is a giant studio and can be visable from the moon. This giant studio consists of five thousand cameras and this studio is Truman's world. At the beginning of 'The Truman Show' we see a view of the studio from the moon, this is to show the significance and to stress that Trumans world is artificial. Christof, the mastermind and controller of 'The Truman Show' (T.V) ...read more.


When Meryl has stopped advertising, Truman asks her "what the hell are you talking about!" he says this because he had noticed a change in Meryls behaviour and wanted to know what was going on. The whole concept of advertising is to separate money from 'The Truman Show t.v' ; this is the real motivation behind the show. Wendy Stites, the films visual consultant chose the costumes for the actors to ware. Wendy got her ideas from a book called ' Everyday fashions of the 1940's'. Wendy worked with Marilyn Mathews a cloths designer, Marilyn said "Our challenge was to avoid making costumes too Cornish and also not to make them too tied into a specific period of time." By this they concentrated on checked patterns (which Truman wares) and red,black and yellow are worn by the other actors. Truman stands out because he often has creases on his cloths and the texture is rugged. All the other chracters i.e Meryl wares clothes that are perfect with no creases or any signs of ware. Meryl's cloths are steroetypically feminine; as the colours she wares are mainly pink and femine colours. We often saw that truman's clothes were rugged and had creases on them. ...read more.


We live in a society where we can take full advantage of our human rights and when you compare our reality to trumans world there is a big difference. Although in our society there is a there is a minority of reality T.V shows; such as 'big brother', for the viewer watching it is not realy reality because it is edited by the producers and is not realy live broadcasting. Also in the 'big brother house' it is a game show, so people aren't realy being 'normal', they are playing a number of mind games to win other peoples votes. In the 'big brother house' the participants realize that they are being watched so they can excersise there human rights. "We accept the reality with which we are presented." Christof, creater of the 'The Truman Show' (show) christof obviously would say this because he is the creater of Truman's world. Everybody accepts the reality with which they are presented, but if we want freedom, we can have freedom, but in Trumans presented reality, he cann't because everything he does is being controlled. So Truman does not accept the his reality because he hasn't got a choice, hence his burning desire to be free, which of course, he achieves. Ravi Mall 10B ...read more.

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