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Discuss the terms 'Production and Reception' in relation to Viral advertising

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Discuss the terms 'Production and Reception' in relation to Viral advertising. Viral adverts are available in a variety of media and genre types. They are usually passed on via email through the internet, and now video mobile phones. It is now increasing rapidly as more people now have the technology to acknowledge the use of viral adverts. As well as video, these adverts can come in images and sound formats. Viral adverts are passed from one person to another cheaply, which is why this types of advertising is suitable for unknown and "less-loaded" charities, which follows the rule of "spend less, spread fast". This could help companies save a lot of money as the only real cost would be on the making of the advert, which wouldn't be much as there usually is no need for special effects. ...read more.


In my opinion, most viral adverts don't begin as viral adverts; they are made viral by the public's opinion and their views. For example, the Polo VW advert wasn't meant to be seen by the general public, as the makers of the advert told The Guardian "I just wanted it for show reel purposes, not seen by millions of people around the world". Little did they know, the advert would "shock" and "create such a fuss", the advert issues and debates as to whether to sue the makers or ban the artefact. Volkswagen was rumored to have sued them and go ahead with taking legal action against Dan and Lee from the London based advertising group (the producers). ...read more.


The advert ends with a shot of the car's undamaged exterior, following the tagline. We are given a scene and it is up to us how we look at the mis-en-scene and how we interpret it. For example, the fact that an Asian looking man walks out the house into his car seems innocent and the audience thinks nothing of it. If they notice the black and white chequered taffiyeh, they could interpret this as a reference to suicide bomber or even politics as the late Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat. Depending on different cultures, the level of offense taken varies, for example, the Polo advert would appear to be insulting to the members of the public in our society. For the obvious reason, the 9/11 attack on America, and the recent 7/7 suicide bomb attack on London, many people wouldn't take this lightly and find it highly offensive, especially to those effected, and therefore lead to complaints. ...read more.

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