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Discussing the More Th>n Insurance advertisements.

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Advertisements Statistics tells us that the average person sees about 150 000 television adverts before they have reached the age of 35. Television adverts have been very successful for their ability to impose both visual and auditory effects. They are known for their humour, pity and for their power of persuasion. The potential for advertising through the medium of television was swiftly recognised and a multi-million pound industry was generated. I have chosen the 'More Th>n Insurance' advert because it is interesting in terms of its simplicity and lack of sophistication, yet its immediate appeal is also interesting. The advert begins with three football fans sitting on the couch, in the lounge, staring blankly at an empty space in the cabinet, where the television should be. Two delivery men come in, put the television in place, plug it in and leave. A football match appears on the television and someone scores, the dog then starts to jump up and down in joy. This advert was shown on Mondays before 'Sons and Lovers', as this was near the time when some form of football was generally shown. This particular advert is one of a series about the firm which all feature 'Lucky the dog'. The advert takes a simple two part structure which follow-on to the other; before and after the television and delivery men come. ...read more.


Everyone except the two men have seen the snowball and are running around screaming. Suddenly the snowball rolls over the man who isn't with Capital One. The narrative just involves a little amount of dialogue between the two men about credit cards, bills, bad credit ratings, and high bank balances. This advert was shown on Mondays before 'Sons and Lovers', but this advert can be shown any time because it applies to many people. This particular advert is one of a series about the firm. The advert takes a simple 1 part structure which follows-on to the voiceover and print. The moods of the men are cheerful; the one who isn't with Capital One has a slight hint of fear in his voice. The humour employed is visual and a case of dramatic irony, as we can all see the big snowball coming but the men have no idea of the coming danger. The (somewhat) static location is near the shop in a snowy town, with mountains in the background. The dominant colour is white which shines naturally in the daylight whereas the previous advert uses neutral colours. The voiceover begins after the man is rolled over by the big snowball. It is the voice of a male who has an RP (Received Pronunciation) ...read more.


In the first advert, the camera focuses on each character individually and then items like the clock and television space and pans across, in the second advert the camera pans across focusing mainly on the two men and uses frontal and side views to shows the scenery and what is happening in the background. There is print on both adverts, but significantly more on the Capital One advert, they print comes at the end of both adverts after or during the voiceover in both cases. There is music only in the More Than advert, which comes when things start to get better i.e. the delivery men deliver the new television. The music is uplifting and cheerful. In contrast to this, there is no music in the other advert at all. The auditory effects of the More Than advert are interesting as it uses a clock and with every tick the camera pans from face to face as it gets faster and faster. The auditory effects of the Capital One advert are limited to a rumbling and crunching sound as the huge snowball rolls across the soft and flaky snow through the village. They are both similar in type, as they are both one of a series about each of the different firms. Although television advertising had been around for many years in the USA, the very first television advert in Great Britain was only broadcast in 1955, advertising the sensational Gibbs SR toothpaste. Abhishek Singh 10VM ...read more.

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