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Discussion of 'The Truman show'.

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The Truman show essay The Truman show is a film and everyone in it are actors except from Truman. Christof, how is the creator of the show said "There's no more truth out there than in the world than I created for you. The same lies, the same deceit". This statement is kind of true, there are lies and deceit in both worlds except form in the world that Christof made everything is controlled. People will often act the same everyday, in a certain situation e.g. if someone says how are you, you would usually always reply by saying something like "I'm fine how are you" even if you don't feel fine. The Truman show shows us this, with one difference, it is all exaggerated. ...read more.


These actions and statements aren't always genuine. You will often say tings but you don't really mean it e.g. if someone gives you a present that you don't like, most people wouldn't say "I don't wan it take it back" most people would say "thank you for the present" Truman is different when he is with Sylvia on the beach, or with Marlon, who he thinks he can trust. The media has a big influence on Truman. This is also exaggerated compared to the real world. His wife will often show a product that she has got and start advertising the product by saying what it does. You will often advertise something that you have just brought buy telling all of you friends how good the product is e.g. ...read more.


He also wanted to fly away and go to Fiji, so he tried to book a flight, but there were no flights for a few months. The media has stopped him from leaving Sea Haven as on TV it will show you that it is better to stay where you are than go and live somewhere else. As Truman comes closer to breaking free and realising his dreams the more his private and public self come together. This is the same in are own quest to become an individual. If anyone says that they know you better than you know yourself they only know your public self and not your private self. His final use of his catchphrase and his cheesy grin, followed by the actors bow shows us the true difference between are private and public self. ...read more.

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