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Do you think these sources (A, B, C, D, E, F, G&H) give a reliable and honest view of the Isle of Man and Douglas in the 1890’s?

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3. (A) Do you think these sources (A, B, C, D, E, F, G&H) give a reliable and honest view of the Isle of Man and Douglas in the 1890's? To answer this question I will need to use my own knowledge and research to decide whether I believe these sources are giving a fair and honest view of the Isle of Man. In source A the Board of Advertising have produced an advert for the Electric Railway and some attractions. They have included 4 photographs and 5 painting. There are 2 photographs showing places along the Electric Railway, 1 of the "Golf Pavilion" and 1 showing the "Derby Castle Terminus". These photographs are a reliable source ware as the paintings are not so reliable as they can be painted to look like something completely different. The wording on this advert has been quite exaggerated, for example "rugged cliffs"; I don't think I would call the islands cliffs rugged. I think this source if fairly reliable but I think they could have used better words which best describes the Isle of Man's cliffs. ...read more.


This advert is just trying to advertise the re-opening of Falcon Cliff, which it does very well but does go over the top on some words. This source could be relied upon to a certain point but it is not very honest. In source E the Palace Dance Hall and Opera House is being advertised. This was a very popular place for dancers as in 1921 it was re-opened as one of Europe's biggest dance hall with a record crowd of almost 10,000, including 8000 dancers. In the advert there is a photograph, taken in 1906, showing the front of the Palace Dance Hall. This photograph can be classed as honest and reliable. There is also some text taking about the Grand Opening, which is fairly honest and reliable. Source F is an advert for the Castle Mona Hotel. The wording used has been exaggerated to a certain extent but this is fairly straightforward in that it is a simple piece of text. I would say this is honest and reliable. Source G is an advert for a Douglas Guest House. This is just telling you the owners name and address. ...read more.


Will a book celebrating Douglas' centenary be completely reliable about Douglas' past? The first thing I noticed was this was written to celebrate the Isle of Man which I would guess that this will be full of the best points of the island and would off left out the bad points. As I started to read, the first thing that I noticed was that the words have been slightly exaggerated, for example "A smoke-belching steamer arrives at Victoria Pier". To me they should have left out the word 'smoke-belching'. On the 24th line down, first paragraph it says "what can be a drunken summer", the evidence for this is the police charge book which stated a number of people arrested for being drunk' disorderly. About halfway down in the second paragraph it talks about an inspector which we have come across before at Douglas Head, were they had an inspector on watch 24hours a day. The rest of this article seems to be very truthful which shows that the Isle of Man, in Victorian Times, was a very nice place to live and visit for a holiday. I would have to say this source is quite accurate in what it talks about. 1 Steven Wright 10PIP ...read more.

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