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Does the Media Influence Everyone?

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Does the Media Influence Everyone? Argue Your Point for Either Side Making Sure You Make A Clear Argument For One Side. You do it without even knowing. Everyday you are influenced by the media, when you wake up, one of the first things you will do, and I speak from experience because I do it my self, you will look at your mobile phone, turn the TV on, turn the sleeper timer on your radio or check your emails. It doesn't seem like much but already straight away in your lives you're being influenced. After that it doesn't stop. you go to the kitchen and get some food, and I can almost be 100% sure when I say that there will be a product in that kitchen of yours that has been or is endorsed by a well known celebrity. ...read more.


Everyday, millions upon millions of people watch television, and this is broadcasting 24/7 and is designed firstly for entertainment but secondly to influence I believe. I'm sure if you were to ask a broadcasting producer they may argue, but I would say a high percentage of adverts on at prime time are products being sold and another high percentage of them would have a popular famous person standing there with a "cheesy grin" trying to sell it to you. So with this in mind you can quite clearly see that television is now just another way of selling us products. We get it in the magazines we read with free samples, we get it at the shops we go to, with the "buy one get one free" trying to make us buy them even though we know quite frankly we don't want or need to, the billboard adverts now, radio, txt alerts ...read more.


I believe there is no way that a single person can state that they do not get influenced by the media. If they read a magazine or a newspaper they are being influenced, by what the paper is saying that paper is influencing. If they read reviews in these papers/magazines then again they are being influenced to believe that the product being reviewed is good or bad. I can safely say that I don't think there is another side to this argument, but if someone was to come up with an argument I would spend some time to read it, but as I found in my background research, no one thinks there is at the moment, and I would have to agree, so until the time comes and there is an argument I will just believe what I have always believed since I took this subject: that the media is the most important thing in the running of the world. ...read more.

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