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Dolce and Gabbana Advert

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Dolce and Gabbana Advert I will be looking at the advert for the Dolce & Gabbana perfume. This particular advert is trying to persuade the audience to buy both the male and female version of the perfume. To analyse this advert I will be using the key concepts. The advert has 3 main colours in it. The first is a light brown colour that is the background to the advert and also the same colour as the skins of the models. This brown is a warm positive colour, which portrays a warm positive image to the perfume when you first set eyes on the image. The other two colours in the picture are black and white. The white is worn by the male and the black by the female. The white on the male model could connote purity and goodness, whereas the black on the female could connote an evil, mischievous side to her. ...read more.


But of course for each audience member the reaction will be different depending on their situation and how they connote things they see. The non-verbal structures in this advert add a lot to the meaning. The way the 2 people are holding and caressing each other gives the feeling of them being very passionate and sensual, which of course makes the audience think that it's the perfume which has made them behave in this way. The facial expressions also show the reader how the 2 people in the picture are enjoying themselves and that wearing the perfume is a pleasurable experience! The clothing, or lack of, again puts the couple in a position of passion making the advert quite lustful. This will appeal to many readers who would like to be like the 2 models and therefore may buy the perfume under false pretences. On the whole the mise en scene is aimed to create a sexy feel to the advert and does this by having the complete advert ...read more.


That is the type of person who would most benefit from this advert and would connote from it that they should go buy it to aspire to be like the models featured in it. It is likely that this advert would be in a magazine aimed at this age group so the conditions they receive the advert should not affect its impact unless its put in a magazine or place which would receive the wrong audience who may be opposition or aberrant. In conclusion, the advert has a very sexy feel to it, which is created by the colours, mise en scene, and the characters involved. There is a definite target audience of younger adults, and the whole advert has a positive feel for the Dolce and Gabbana branding. The small amount of text produces more focus on the images which means the audience will connote its own meaning more than if they had to read reams of text. This should definitely help sell the product to its specific audience. Rob Green ...read more.

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