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E3 create a realistic rationale for the development of a coherent marketing mix for the product or service.

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* E3 create a realistic rationale for the development of a coherent marketing mix for the product or service. THE MARKETING MIX IS GOING TO BE WRITTEN USING THE PRIMARY AND SECONDARY RESEARCH. Product: A product is something that is offered in to the market. For my product to be successful I have to consider what the product is and what it means to the customers. I will produce effective product mix using the results from the questionnaire because in questionnaire people have gave some hates, likes, spending information which I could use to develop an effective product for the consumers. I will also use my secondary research to consider effective product for a market. My product is for those consumers, which are interested in fizzy drinks and drink it at regular basis. I gave my questionnaire to forty people and got a full feedback. Thirty one out of forty people liked fizzy drinks and eight didn't. For my product to have attraction like shape and colour I will believe I need to have effective brand name and well laid out text and other info on the bottle. Question stated, "Indicate one thing which you look or check when purchasing a new fizzy drink brand?" Thirteen consumers gave me a result of price being low so people can afford it. ...read more.


The pricing of the product must be just the right so when the product is advertised and priced, it can be affordable by all consumers. In my questionnaire, I found out a lot stuff related to promotion. When my product is going to be advertised consumers will first check for a decent price of it and the quality. In question 6 of my conclusion, most consumers stated that they look at the price before purchasing the products. So it is important that I keep the price of my product at an affordable place in order catch people on my side. Also on question 9 on my conclusion of the questionnaires, most people stated that they are happy with having discount and 2 for 1 offer on products. Surprisingly only few people chose competition because as this is not effective and can be money wasting. I cannot do discounts or 2 for 1 offers straight way, the product has to catch more people awareness and get purchased a lot. The products which are left at the end of each period or month may will be offered on discounts or 2 for 1 because if I don't I will have less profits through loss of products. When my product gets advertised, it must be attractive and appealing to consumers. ...read more.


As a rough guide the concept of 'public interest' is used to determine whether a particular monopoly or proposed merger should be allowed to proceed. Here are some examples of situations, which could have an impact on marketing activity: � Using monopoly power to charge excessive prices � Using predatory pricing to eliminate the competition-once competitors have been forced out, prices are raised! � Using exclusive dealership so that competitors cannot find outlets for their products. The Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 This act amended both the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. It applies to all goods including food, regardless of where they are bought, for example, at shops, market stalls, door-to-door sale, home party sales, or catalogue mail order. According to the Act the seller must ensure that goods are: � Of satisfactory quality: this term has replaced 'merchantable quality' used in the previous Act. Satisfactory quality is defined as the standard that a reasonable person would regard satisfactory, taking account of any description of the goods. The quality of the goods includes their state and condition plus fitness for purpose, appearance and finish, freedom from minor defects and safety durability. � Reasonably fit for any particular purpose, e.g. they must be able to do what the seller claims they can do, for example, an electric toaster should be able to toast four slices in one minute if this is how it was described. Factors influencing the development of my product: ...read more.

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