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Edward scissorhands coursework

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What comments does Tim Burton make about society in Edward Scissorhands? Edward Scissorhands is a film by Tim Burton which expresses the single mindedness and selfishness in American Suburbia. The plot revolves around a man named Edward, an inventor's creation, who has dangerous scissors for hands, and appears frightening, who is adopted into a colorful, but stereotypically suburban, family by a warm-hearted woman, Peg, she takes Edward with her into middle class suburban America in order to "help him." Her desperate housewives like neighbours, while initially curious of her visitor, become thrilled at Ed's skillful skills at hedge clipping and haircutting. He's used and treated like a celebrity as all the neighbours want a piece of him for his originality. The modern fable is an eye-opening look at how our society sometimes regards outsiders. This sets up Edward's clash with a society that cannot understand him, and results in his ultimate rejection by the end of the film. There is a reflection on our society that someone can be liked for being different but at the same time it is easy to get people to fear the same person because of the thing or things that makes them different. The film is a criticism by Burton as how society it is today. ...read more.


Edward then starts to give the town's people haircuts. All of the people had ordinary everyday haircuts. Edward uses his artistic ability and he gives the people new creative haircuts. Edward begins to give the people of this town a little variety from their everyday lives. During the party where all the neighbours got to meet Edward, it is very evident that Edward is viewed as an outcast of the town. Everyone at the party is wearing extravagant pastel colour clothing but when you see Edward he is wearing white and black. Each house in this suburban neighbourhood is a different pastel color - and exactly the same shape and size. The setting appears to take place in the 1960s but has references to modern day technology including CD players and security systems. Everyone loves and takes care of Edward until he gets caught up in an unfortunate series of events that make him look like a crazed criminal. Soon, the very same neighbors who had once been fighting over who was going to get there hair cut by Ed are now whispering about how they always knew something wasn't right with him. Furthermore, in the classroom in which Ed is later taken to by the boy (Peg's son) is very bland and boring. ...read more.


The ice shavings create effect of precipitating snow, under which Kim dances. Jim, passing by, catches Kim's attention, whereupon Edward, unaware of her presence, turns around and accidentally cuts Kim's hand. Jim assumes that Edward deliberately harmed her, and uses this as a pretext to attack Edward in a jealous rage. The situation worsens when Kevin is almost run over by Jim's drunken friend, who is driving their van. Edward, seeing Kevin in danger, pushes him out of it, mistakenly cutting his face. In the confusion, the neighbors misunderstand the situation, thinking Edward attacked Kevin. This is just one of the incidents where he is wrongly accused by the society, they have wrongly judged him without asking and have turned on him as if he was worth nothing they haven't cared about any of his feelings and what he has to say. In conclusion, I'd like to say that Burton continuously shows us the wrong doing of the society in which Ed was unrightly thrown out of after being dragged into.. Nearly all comments he made were negative towards the society as they used, deceived and accused Edward which is exactly the point Burton is trying to get across to us. Tim Burton using a range of techniques to show his approach about society in the film and how sing-minded, selfish and unfair it is By Anwarul Haque ...read more.

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