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Edward scissorhands - setting

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In the film, "Edward Scissorhands", directed by Tim Burton, an important setting is the suburbia. Through the verbal and visual features, of characters' costumes and the lighting effects helped the audience to have a deeper understanding of Burton's ideas of appearances versus reality and conformity. Edward Scissorhands, a fairytale like story about a half-man, half-machine creature who had scissors for hands and his appearance into the suburbia as a novelty caused fascination, love and revulsion. In the setting of the film, the suburbia has a major role in helping the audience understand the ideas of conformity and that appearances can be deceiving. The long shot that introduced the suburbia created a calm and peaceful atmosphere. ...read more.


This showed Burton's idea of conformity. The costumes of the residents of the suburbia on the film are all colourful and bright. In the scene of the Barbeque welcoming party, a mid-shot casted over the community which showed the characters dressed in this monotonous sense. The males are dressed in their typical daily work wear while the females are all nicely groomed. This showed the idea of traditional gender roles and how it is very committed to here. The females would stay home and do chores while the males would go out and work as they were the 'breadwinner' of the household. Also the idea of conformity can be seen here. This is a community where individualism is loathed upon. ...read more.


He felt that people were judgemental and stereotypical and Burton accentuated this in the film by the harshness of the lighting. In conclusion, several verbal and visual features were used to help the viewers understand the film. The costume of the characters shows conformity and the harsh lighting accentuated on how fake the community is. Like the saying 'keeping up with the Joneses' the desire of wanting to be as good if not better than one's neighbour and this is exactly how the suburbia is. No sense of originality would be found here, this is a community based on how one's appearance looked. Tim Burton has show the audience that appearance can be deceiving and through the setting of suburbia, he has successfully showed the viewers so. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

*** The candidate has done a good job of ANALYSING the EFFECT of setting and costume. However, VISUAL FEATURES includes other aspects such as camera work and editing. These areas could be covered too. The candidate does not mention verbal features at all. As such, they have not tackled the essay in its entirety.

Marked by teacher Cath Rowe 17/09/2013

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