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Effective advertising.

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Advertising We are surrounded by advertising-on television, radio, the Internet, as well as on roadside hoardings and in printed media. Most of it is more sophisticated than we realize-almost every professionally produced advertisement is a carefully constructed mixture of words, images, and symbols, chosen with the aid of experts in consumer psychology. Advertisements, whatever their medium or format, have two purposes. One of which is to inform us of the availability of a product or service, or to give details of an event, and the other is to persuade us, usually to buy something, or to support a cause. Advertising techniques range in complexity from the publishing of simple, straightforward notices in the classified advertisement columns of newspapers to the concerted use of newspapers, magazines, television, radio, direct mail, and other communications media in the course of a single advertising campaign. One fundamental technique, and still basic in the most modern procedures, is repetition. A typical national advertiser captures the attention of prospective customers by repeated appeals to buy. It is not unusual for a person to encounter advertisements for the same product in national and local newspapers, radio, and television, to receive additional reminders in various consumer magazines, and to be confronted with a poster, counter card, or display on entering a shop. ...read more.


Once the advert has captured the attention of the reader, it then needs to hold the attention and keep the reader interested. This could be done by telling a story; showing characters with whom you find it easy to identify; or who are role-models; introducing a celebrity; offering attractive photographs; or artwork; using a slogan or catch-phrase; showing large blocks of text; focusing on the technical details of the product; showing the product in use in an attractive setting; making you laugh or engaging your sympathy. A lot of adverts also interest you by stressing the benefits that will follow a purchase, for example, more time, less stress, greater security ect. The advert itself is an appeal. Whether it is appealing to your desire to express your individuality; your desire to be part of a group or your conscience. It is offering something to the consumer. Maybe a better lifestyle, a solution to your worries, a chance to indulge yourself and have fun or a chance to help people or protect the environment. The key point when talking about adverts is that they all have a purpose. To explain this, when analysing adverts you should always ask what its purpose is. ...read more.


He is Hugely popular with young girls because he is very attractive, so he, in himself, attracts a lot of attention and interest in the film. The advert has Very little text but includes all of the important information needed to sell the product. It tells us one of the actors, Which is in big, bold writing at the top of the page and an outline. The outline asks the reader to imagine something which gets the reader thinking. The picture of the Video in the bottom left hand corner is there to show people what they're looking for which means it might catch peoples eyes more when they see it on the high-street. The most important piece of information is in Black and bold at the bottom of the page, which is when it is out to own on video or DVD. The logo in the bottom right hand corner is for universal studios, it tells us who the film was made by. The logo is widely known and few people wouldn't recognise it. The most eye-catching thing about the advert, I think, is the familiar face of the young actor as the background is plain white and the writing all in the same font, so the image stands out. Charlotte Holland 10S Dr. Brady 02/05/07 English Coursework ...read more.

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