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'Enemies' has recently received bad publicity.

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Deepa Dahal CommG 111 11 December 1998 Paper Assignment # 2 Our show Enemies has recently received bad publicity. Viewers have been complaining about increased sexual innuendo on the show, and stockholders and advertisers are getting nervous. In addition to the advertisers threatening to pull out their ads from Enemies, the actors threaten to strike if we censor their show. However, based on what we know about mass media theories and their affects on people's behavior, I propose that we keep the show. People get nervous about television shows because they think the shows will affect them, their kids, possibly their culture and their country negatively. However, studies on mass media affects on the general population have shown that this is not necessarily the case. People should not fear a 'controversial show' because most television shows do not have the intent to alter a person's behavior or in any way affect them negatively. Since intent is a necessary part of any persuasive activity, lack of it simply means that fearing the activity is unwarranted. ...read more.


The increasing sexual innuendo is most probably only keeping the audience entertained, and while they watch the show either because or despite of this, they will not repeat it in their lives. The success factors of media role play an important part in my decision to keep Enemies. Recent studies have shown that the media is very good at adding knowledge and stimulating awareness of any issue to the general population. The same studies also show, however, that the media is not good at changing people's actions and behavior. Several examples prove this theory. One is that even with increased awareness of the risks of unsafe sex, college students throughout the country still do not use condoms, for many reasons. Another may be that even though people like certain advertisements, that does not mean they will necessarily buy the product. The perceived credibility of the show Enemies also plays a part in keeping its audiences from imitating its behavior. Most people know that the show is fictional creation. Therefore, they will watch the show in that context, and will not attempt to believe it is true or that it is the way one should act. ...read more.


They will be giving up a national audience and a good advertising medium. In this way, they will lose exposure of their ads to their targeted audiences. Since most ads are geared toward a certain demographic audience, in this case, the audience that watches Enemies, they will need to find other times to segment their ads that is both convenient and accessible for the same targeted audience. The Social Learning Theory states that the media does not make a person do something. Rather, it may trigger a behavioral tendency that is already within a person. So, no matter what the media tries to do or not do, they will not be successful in changing a person's behavior if there isn't already an inclination towards it. Through my above points, I have shown that there is no reason to cancel the show Enemies from our current lineup. Our advertisers and stockholders have nothing to fear. The controversy surrounding Enemies should be dealt with properly by educating viewers who are complaining about the true nature of mass media effects. In this way, they can enjoy the show without worrying about cognitive consequences, and we can continue with our business. 1 4 ...read more.

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