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English Language Coursework

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Analysis - change in language of newspaper sport reports. The aim of my A2 English Language coursework is to investigate the changes in language between sports reports from newspapers over a period of about fifty years. The texts I have chosen to use for my investigation are: * "Perry wins at Wimbledon" (1934) - I will refer to this text as Text A. * "Federer takes crown for a forth year but Nadal leaves his nerves in shreds" (2006) - I will refer to this text as Text B. The difference in time between the two texts is sixty nine years. I have chosen to analyse these two texts because of my interest in the topic of tennis and they are also similar in that they are both of the same genre and the subject and source of the texts are the same. Both texts are from "The Guardian" newspaper and are written on the well known tennis competition called "Wimbledon". This tournament is one of the longest running tournaments in sports and has been running since 1877. In my investigation I will be looking at the similarities and differences between the two texts and how the language has changed over a time period of about 70 years. ...read more.


Below is a table of my results. Text Modifiers Text A 7 Text B 6 As you can see modifiers are used very often in both my texts. This is the case for all of the texts and modifiers are used throughout. Some of the modifiers that are used are persuasive and persuade the reader to believe the writers view. E.g. "gorgeous backhand". Some other examples of modifiers from my texts are, "overwhelming emotion", "inviolate grass court", "a very pretty exhibition" and "cheered mightily. The modifiers used are both pre-modifiers and post modifiers. Statistics are also used in both my texts. Most of these statistics are subject specific to Tennis; this is rather obvious considering it is an article on tennis. An example of this is, "6-0, 7-6, 6-7, 6-3". A person who had no knowledge of tennis would not have a clue what these numbers represented. Statistics are important as it makes the reader assume that the writer is not exaggerating in what he is writing and it also makes the text more factual. The texts use metaphors and similes quite often. There is use of a metaphor in the headline of Text B. Some examples of this from my texts are, "steady as a rock", "stands on top of the world" and "grass court kingdom". ...read more.


"it played true", "to-day", "a fine game", "more deliciously". The sentence that clearly proves that this text is from the olden days is "Quiet Please" as he would to..." This would no longer happen. In Text B the phrase "time warp" is used. This is a newly formed word and would not have been present in the 1930's. To conclude, I would like to say that I believe my investigation went well and that I fulfilled the aim of my investigation, which was to investigate the change in language of newspaper sport reports over a period of over fifty years. To be perfectly honest, I was expecting many differences between the two texts, well in fact it wasn't as many as I thought there would be. I also believe that the source material I used was relevant and right for my investigation and found that there are not many differences in the style of newspaper reporting but the differences that are present are quite big, obvious and significant. Finally, the key differences I found between the texts were that alliteration, modification, similes and metaphors are not used in older texts and that older texts are generally longer then modern ones. Overall, I think I have fulfilled the aims of my investigation to the best of my ability. Minhaaz Patel - 1 - ...read more.

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