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English Media Car Advert Analysis

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I have chosen to look at two car adverts found in magazines; one for the Subaru Impreza, the other for the Honda Civic.The name "Impreza" sounds like the word "impress", which is the impression the manufacturers want to give of the car. Subaru is trying to sell the dream of owning a car that will turn heads and astound people with your car. "civic" means to be connected with the dutuies or obligations belonging to a community, this suggests that the company want you to experience a sence of belonging when you buy this car. it is selling the idea that if you own this car you will be included and accepted in the community and that if you dont you will be out cast from society. These adverts are aimed at different audiences, the main reasons for thinking this is the different colour schemes. The stark contrast of the Subaru advert suggests that it is aimed at more fast paced, younger people whereas the Honda advert's simple dark grey/black implies that this car is for people who are far more laid back and relaxed perhaps retired people. ...read more.


The Honda Civic advert has a picture of the car which appears to be driving along a close up of an image of the same car which shows that is is not a big bulky car but is petite and elegant. It also looks like it is driving into the light because of the backgroung colour fading into a lighter shade; this implies that when you buy this car it will brighten up your life. This picture relates to the slogan ("the power of dreams") because it's not every day that you drive along the roof of another car, it's something that could only happen in your dreams. Also, it is said that you dream in black and white, which are the main colours used in the advert. The car in the Subaru advert is a medium close up to show the fine detail of the car without making it look too dominant or too unimportant. It is a medium angle which is to show the profile and shape of the car but it doesnt look too big or small. ...read more.


there is also smaller text in lower case at the bottom of the page which gives details about the car and it's features. theweb address is also included on the advert so the viewers of the advert can find more information about that particular car or other models they have. the honda advert has a simple caption "The Power Of Dreams" this carries on the theme of relaxation because it is simple and to the point. the white text feels quite dreamy which fits the slogan used. there is very little information about the car, just a web address and a number to text them on. this is perhaps to encourage people to visit thier website or to text them. i think that they are both effective adverts because they both identify their target audiences well and adapt the adverts to fit. The subaru advert in particular is very effective because of the creative use of words. the honda adverts use of inagery is aslo very imaginative and a memorable way of advertising their product, though i think theor could have been more information about the car. ...read more.

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