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english media coursework

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English media Too short, too tall, too fat, too slim, is Britain ever happy with their bodies. Growing up all children; girls and boys are shown the dream bods that everyone longs to have, faced with them all over adverts, magazines, television it's no wonder that children and adults are forever self conscious and are not always comfortable with the way they look. What happened to 'it's all about inner beauty'? Yes we're all overwhelmed with the slag off articles about whose had the latest botox or breast implants and how none of it is real and its all camera tricks, but does any of that ever come up when your looking at a supermodel on the front of your favourite magazine? My main aim is to see whether the media focuses on surgery and starvation or if they do really believe in real sized people and working with what they already have. There are television programs nowadays that focus on bringing out the beauty that we already have but watching the programs do we feel better or worse about ourselves? One of the major hit series that is currently on television is How to look good naked, although the program does end in giving the woman so much confidence that they are comfortable to take a picture naked and strut there stuff in just underwear down a catwalk throughout the program it offers other beauty tips and women are given great fashion advice for all sizes and shapes. ...read more.


As you can see all apart from one about beauty cheats are about your mind and how you treat yourself nothing to do with getting bigger boobs, using the most makeup or wearing designer dresses. Stage 2, change yourself perception states that media does not represent real women and stresses that they have been air brushed, it is also gives useful advice such as to compare themselves with real life women. Does this mean that media is changing and the world we live in will nto be full of following the latest celebrities to the gym? We can see that How to look good naked is a confidence boost and does not tell all its viewers to start dieting, it does encourage healthy eating but not use these dreaded crash diets or 'rabbit food diets' that we are forever being presented with, led by all the most popular celebs. In contrast to this program is 10 years younger, this makes viewers feel that surgery is the way forward. Where, how to look good naked goes just as far as using beauty products 10 years younger promotes; cosmetic dentistry, hair laser removal, botox, face lifts, the whole lot. Questions are raised from this program like, could wax strips not be used? Do we need to go to such extremes? ...read more.


her personal life into media attention, this shows us how the media can manipulate slight weight change and how carefully celebrities have to be. In conclusion to what I found about the media; it is apparent that the media is changing and there are programs that help you to concentrate on what you are like, but you still have diet programs. Some which are good as we all know about the obesity issues Britain is faced with currently. However it does not make it right to broadcast documentaries about liposuction for those who are just over the average body weight and can create eating disorders for many. Although stars feel it appropriate to be stick thin we are shown with many celebrities that you can be curvy and still look nice a great example being Vanessa Felts; not the most attractive but she has a very bubbly personality and is liked throughout the media, although participating in 'celebrity fat club' she has stuck to her weight and does not let her shape get in the way of her celeb lifestyle. Many follow this, as so I do not think media is too worried about weight unless the celebs themselves show signs of worrying, for example Victoria Beckham and her atrocious dieting. So as the famous saying goes, life is what you make it! ?? ?? ?? ?? English Ms Belkin Sharone Balarajah 10S.3 ...read more.

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