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Essay on The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association Advert

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Essay on The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association Advert The purpose of the advert is to attract any adult, who would be willing to adopt a litter of puppies and contribute towards putting them through a training course that lasts eighteen months. However, the target audience for the advert could be practically anyone, as the advert has been designed to "capture the heart" of whoever reads it. The ways in which the advertisers have managed to encourage people to take part in the programme are anything from tactful adjectives such as cuddly and cute, to large illustrations of doe-eyed puppies that the reader is drawn to. On quick examination of the advert, your attention is instantaneously taken to the eyes of the puppy featured in the large photo. ...read more.


The "help teach new dogs old tricks" is an ironic reversal of the saying "You cannot teach an old dog new tricks". Using the word "teach" also fits in with the idea of the puppies being "pupils." The next few sentences and single words are very effective, with minimum effort. The words play off of each other, "Cuddly", "Cute", "Playful" these make out that the puppies are great fun, very much like children.. "Indispensable" means that you cannot do without them. The advert goes on to tell you why you must assist and adopt a puppy. It talks about how "one day Polly, and the rest of her litter, will become guide dogs." Giving the dog a name personalises the advert, making you feel that you are really needed. ...read more.


"To adopt your star pupil" has been personalised, and the sentence "to receive your quarterly pupdates" is a play on the word update. "Just call" makes it seem like it is so simple, and you may as well go through with it, having the telephone number in large, bold font makes it easy to read and noticeable. The language sets the tone of opting in when you come to the send of slip, "Yes, I would like to Adopt a Litter for �6 a month". Overall the advert is very successful in outlining the needs of the organisation with simple, yet effective single words and short sentences. The large eyes play upon the real and perceived British love of all things furry and cuddly, the end result is the hopeful contributions to improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people with the assistance of a trained guide dog. ...read more.

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