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'Euro 2004' generated much media attention. This essay will compare the way 'Euro 2004' was portrayed on the front and the back pages of the 'News of The World' and 'The Observer'

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Media Essay The European Football Competition 'Euro 2004' generated much media attention. This essay will compare the way 'Euro 2004' was portrayed on the front and the back pages of the 'News of The World' and 'The Observer'. Newspapers provide daily or weekly publication of news reports to a general audience. Traditionally tabloid newspapers have been half the size of a broadsheet paper and have a reputation for focusing on more garish news and celebrity affairs. However, broadsheet newspapers have a more cosmopolitan and worldly-wise approach to their stories and in the last few years The Independent and Telegraph have published tabloid sized papers which have proved very popular especially for people who read the news and commentary travelling to work by transport like The London Underground.. ...read more.


George painted on her naked body supposedly uttering the double entendre "Don't miss le big one!" The headings and subheadings on the tabloid have an extensive use of the graphological features to make the text more noticeable. Nevertheless, the stories are short and brief and some are broken up by crossheads. Other stories featured on the front page such as Paul Gascoignes cocaine habit is given the informal headline of; "Gazza: my secret cocaine hell," thus trivialising the complex issue of drug abuse in society today. The fact that the approach to this is light hearted, rather playful and conversational suggests that it is targeting an audience who are particularly interested in gossip and want a simple read that does not challenge the mind as the articles have no depth and the context titillates the reader. ...read more.


Thirdly, images used are not as sexually provocative and are accompanied by small captions. Finally, the broadsheet has less reliance on journalese, therefore appealing to an audience who are looking to be more mentally challenged or informed of more political issues rather than celebrity affairs. To conclude, when outlining the differences, you can see that the tabloid newspaper, also referred to as a' middle market newspaper' contain more light hearted information on topics such as sport, television and different genres of entertainment with a greater use of photographs and shorter, easier articles. It undoubtedly invites a different audience to a broadsheet, also known as 'upmarket tabloids', contains more serious news coverage on subjects from what is known as 'highbrow' culture thus demanding more from the reader. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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