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Evaluate how effectively the Barnardo's website presents it's campaign to prevent child poverty.

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Evaluate how effectively the Barnardo's website presents it's campaign to prevent child poverty. You should consider: * The layout of material * The way in which language is manipulated * The effect on the intended audience In this essay I will analyse how the use of graphics, language, lay-out and links in this website are effective in raising peoples' awareness so that Barnardo's can help to stop and prevent child poverty. Barnardo's deals with many situations and projects such as day care and play schemes, after school clubs, advice and counselling for parents and parenting education. There are over three hundred of these projects, run by Barnardo's, around the UK. In this website, Barnardo's are appealing to a younger audience. In the text it tells us that they have launched an e-card campaign asking 1 million "children and young people" to respond. I think this is a good idea because most of the young people are on the Internet now as opposed to the older generation. The other aspect of the article that appeals to young people is the fact that it is related to people of the similar age groups and the case study can be related to more easily by younger people as it is about a young person. ...read more.


The logo is a picture of what looks like two adults with a child and they look quite cheery which makes you think that the lives of children who are victims of child poverty will end up like that if they get the help from Barnardo's and the nation-wide public. The slogan underneath this backs it up, it says " Giving Children Back Their Future", which is what Barnardo's are trying to do with this campaign. The slogan and logo are effective, when presented in this way, because they make you feel like you can trust Barnardo's to give them a better future. Throughout the website, Barnardo's keep mentioning the other facilities they operate, which reinforces its stability and reliability. On the first page it leans on the fact that it is safe and offers a safe environment, "safe and stimulating place to play". The charity does this to show their audience that they are reliable and determined about stopping and preventing child poverty and about getting all the help they can with the campaign. You see can that they always are looking towards the future of the children. The case study that is included supports this. The case study is a human appeal about someone who was a victim of child poverty and the conclusion of the study tells us how Barnardo's helped and how the boy is going to change his own life and turn everything around. ...read more.


They don't use a large variety of vocabularies so that younger people can understand it better because it isn't difficult or challenging. The text has a lot of emotive language such as, "inescapable aspect" and "lacks local amenities". The word "you" is used, in the context " You can be a force for change", which makes you think that they are talking directly to you and makes you feel that the children's lives are dependant on you. In the section headed "the facts" bullet points are used which makes the text a lot easier to read and you think that you are reading very little but you actually take in a lot of information. I think that the idea of a web page is very effective because I know that I would prefer reading something of the Internet than reading a leaflet on a campaign. The most effective technique, I think, is the case study because I thought it was very moving and after I read it I could slightly relate to it because the person seemed to be about the same age as me and obviously wanted to change his life around. What Barnardo's did to try and change that boy's life was spectacular. After I finished I sent an e-card because I was persuaded into doing the right thing which was the whole point of the campaign. Danielle Spackman 11MCO Media Essay Miss Gunning 24-09-03 ...read more.

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