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Evaluate the marketing strategy for 'Budweiser' lager.

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AIM In this product I aim to evaluate the marketing strategy for 'Budweiser' lager. I will be looking at their use of the Marketing Mix: those being Product, Price, Placement and Promotion. I will also look at how Budweiser has remained the most popular lager in the world since 1957 how much competition it has. I will use both primary and secondary research to discover how popular Budweiser has become and which market segments it is mainly marketed at. I will also use this research to find out how successfully the product is marketed towards certain market segments. I will also find out how Budweiser is promoted and why it is promoted in this way. I will look at the image, branding and packaging of Budweiser and why it is this way. I will look at what stage of the product life cycle that it is in and if it is using any extension strategies to make Budweiser have a longer life. I will observe whereabouts Budweiser is distributed and what type of distribution is used, and why. I will finally analyse the price of Budweiser determining which pricing strategies have been used, and why Budweiser has implemented these pricing strategies. ...read more.


It's like they've caught them in a net, Buy this, and so you can also buy all of these.' Sponsorship Budweiser sponsors a number of different things. These mostly consist of sporting events and football teams. Budweiser is the official Beer of Manchester United, which has millions of fans across the world, and means that those millions of people will know of Budweiser because it is related to the Manchester United team. As well as football, Budweiser sponsors the BMW Williams F1 team, which is also viewed by millions of people across the world during the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Budweiser is also the sponsor of the American NASCAR racing circuit. This, as well as F1 is viewed by millions of people throughout the world. Also, Budweiser is the sponsor of music events, which shows that they are getting younger people into their beer. It is the official beer of Glastonbury (the music festival), which is viewed, not only by people there, but also by people watching at home. The types of people that go to the Glastonbury festival are mainly young, because of the types of bands playing their, and usually will be into partying with beers and the like (because Glastonbury is quite a rough music festival). ...read more.


But it also means that they may sell more, because some people are only able to buy it in one way, and if people can't buy Budweiser in a way that they would like to, they Budweiser won't make as much money as they could have. PRICE As I have mentioned before, Budweiser is sold in a number of ways, so for the Price part of this study, I will look only at the price of their most popular amount sold, which is the 4-pack of 440ml cans. For a 4-pack, Budweiser uses competitor pricing, which involves giving a price similar to the competitors, psychological pricing, which is uses prices to nearest whole number e.g. �12.99. They also use promotional pricing, which is where the company offers free amounts such as 25% extra free, or Buy One Get One Free. I think that these types of prices are used so that Budweiser is bought more than the competitors. Even if the price of Budweiser is only a few pence cheaper, people tend to buy it rather than another brand, and vice versa, this is because they are always after a bargain, and companies always have to make their prices cheaper than their other competitors to win the competition. ...read more.

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