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Evaluating promotional literature from the company "Changing Worlds."

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For this unit I have to evaluate 6 documents one of them include a brochure. From the company changing worlds. Changing world is a company set up which help people who are taking a gap year out of education or simply have plenty of spare time and who would like to spend it enjoying themselves by working abroad. Changing Worlds offers a wide variety of cultural experiences across the world. Opportunities include teaching in Africa, paid work in North America, and farm work in New Zealand and many more jobs across 5 continents. I have decided to evaluate page 2 "News" from the brochure. ...read more.


A writing style can be: formal (job application letter, letter of complaint, company report); informal (letter to a friend, party invitation, note for the milkman); intended to create an impact or be noticed (advertisement, direction sign); or suited to the age of the reader (children's book, newspaper). You should understand how formal styles of writing are more commonly used in business. Formal documents may also be very structured (this document, invoice, income tax form, report) where rules apply to things such as the size and position of headings, fonts to be used and the use of graphics The style of the font suits this text, as this is a professional document and needs to be kept simple. ...read more.


Writing used in this page is readable on the screen as the colour helps the readability but when u print it out its quiet difficult to read the text as the colored background affected the text. The document could have been improved if the font was larger. Layout - styles of presentation used The layout of the brochure has been done professionally as each section on the page is sub headed in its own box in colour. Suitability The brochure could have been better if it had more then 1 pictures. As this document has been targeted to students aged 17 they would like to see some pictures of the places they would be working at rather than a large amount of text. Mohammed Shaqeeb 13 ado I.T advance Unit 1 Mr. Ahmed - 1 - ...read more.

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