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Evaluation Commentary on advert

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Evaluation Commentary In my media studies project, the whole class was asked to plan an advertising campaign. We had to design our own chocolate bar, such as come up with a name and decide what the chocolate was actually going to contain and two magazine adverts and a billboard. We formed the group up to at least four people. I formed a group with Stephanie Jones, James Taylor, Laura Roberts and myself Emily Heywood. As a group we discussed various package designs and adverts and we decided we wanted a luxury chocolate bar as we feel they sell best, such as Galaxy bars they have been going for many a years and still as popular. We had a whole English double lesson looking at existing products, every chocolate we looked at was made from Cadburys as they show within there products there target market they show a clear link such as the colours they use and the font they print on the bar example for children they have bold fun writing ...read more.


We firstly thought of these two backgrounds so I think to not be able to think of anything better is really good because it shows we know what we want and we are able to think about it quick and not waste time. We didn't really research backgrounds after we thought the sky and chocolate swirls we looked on Google search for any inspiration on pictures such as typing In "dairy milk, swirls, cream, luxury," but if I am honest it was very pointless because we didn't get any inspiration so I think I wasted a lesson just on Google. Our first lesson we brainstormed as a group everything we could think of including what was going to go in the chocolate, the colours we were going to use and why to promote out product, the wording on it, the slogan, the packaging. We did this all in one lesson and we put out heads together and I personally think that I put in my best ideas thinking back to chocolate bars I've seen before and well known ones such as Cadburys as we had a lesson looking at them. ...read more.


I annoted the chocolate bar just saying that this was the main point to the advert, I annoted the chocolate coloured night gown blowing in the wind to create a luxury affect. I did this for everything I drew on the paper. The next task was to do exactly the same again only on the second advert we came up with, we drew our best and coloured in and annotated to the best of our ability, We placed the logo underneath to just to show where we wanted it onto our final design. I next drew the logo for my chocolate bar and again annotated in the box I was provided we came up with the idea of a present that has a link to "unwrap the luxury" as we unwrap present and it is linked to surprise that is the effect I did personally want to betray, I don't know what others wanted but I did want that to make it more selling in the market. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emily Heywood 1 ...read more.

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