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Evaluation of a Personal C.D. Player

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Evaluation of a Personal C.D. Player CD PLAYER: I have chosen to evaluate my personal CD player. I have chosen to use this because I use it everyday for at least 30-40 minutes. Description-It is made by Hitachi 13.2cm in width, 15.5 cm in length, 2.4cm in height It is grey Digital display It can hold 1 CD at a time 20 second ESP Bass boost function Hold on/off button 2 AA size batteries are required Comes with headphones Class 1 laser product I have chosen this product because as I have said I use it everyday and as I want to get the best out of it I feel that there are a number of changes to be made that could make this product even better. Specification and performance of product: In my opinion this product was designed to meet the following Criteria for the use by the public. ...read more.


These conditions are 1.with the 20 second ESP (electronic shock protection) on 2.With the ESP off Results- Time batteries lasted ESP on 3hrs 16.37mins ESP off 5hrs 49.12mins (These times show are when the batteries went totally dead.) As you can see the results are very clear, when you have the anti-shock on it severely drains the battery life span. Without the ESP on however you get almost twice as much out of the batteries. This is due to the CD player using so much energy and power searching ahead for the music so if the Player does take a knock it uses its memory to keep playing so you don't miss music. The ESP is not always need and as most people have it on all the time this is terrible and more should be done to try and add to the battery life when the ESP is on. ...read more.


When it is on it drowns out the vocals so all you hear is the heavy bass. I didn't expect it but when I put on the Hold button the loudness decreased quite dramatically which I don't think I suppose to happen, obviously a major design fault. Which should be fixed. Evaluation After looking over this product for many hours I have discovered many faults with this product that I did not expect to find. For when I set out I had a good idea in my mind what the main problems where and what I wanted to fix but as I used it more and did experiments on it I discovered more. On the up side it does perfectly the main thing it was made to do and that is t play music and when it does play music the quality is excellent and to the highest standard. It is also built very well and seems to be very solid and not easily breakable. ...read more.

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