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Evaluation of story board, of “Unrelated incidents”

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Evaluation of story board, of "Unrelated incidents" My video is intended to portray unrelated incidents in a way which my gcse audience would understand it is also designed to increase the dramatic impact of the poem and there for increase the pupils understanding of the poem. i started the video with the image of big Ben at six o'clock, this is the image used to start the BBC news so I felt that it was an appropriate image to start this poem as it is about the news and how its read. The reason I choose a man with a posh Standard English voice to do the narration for this section is that this is stereotypically the kind of voice used to introduce the BBC news. Also the image and the voice create a image of typical English news which would increase the impact of the next section on the audience. The introduction of the Glaswegian man is the most effective and best way of presenting the poem as written to an audience through a video. ...read more.


This scene is showing how the man is different and is rebelling against the constraints of society (a image which members of my teenage audience would agree with there for increasing the impact.) The people in the suits represent the 'BBC accent' and the mans clear dislike of them and opposition to them(shown by his violent walk against the flow.) The people in the suits are also meant to be shown as the 'scruff' which the man despises. The way the 'scruff's' ignore the man shows how they don't think he's important enough to worry about. This leads on to the next scene. This is designed to show how the truth is ignored if its spoken by the Glaswegian despite people knowing its true, the man in the suits attitude is showing again how the Glaswegian is ignored because of the way he looks and speaks. The man in the suit shows how society doesn't care about the man because he's not part of the 'scruff'. ...read more.


It is supposed to show this in a interesting and different way, I think that the dramatic changes in camera shot and scenery would help to keep the interest of the audience. The reason I have chose to include 'Rage against the machine' song "break stuff" is because the lyrics of this song as well as being well known are also very appropriate for this poem. Lyrics like "its just the rage built up in side of me, fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy" would help to portray the poems message also the song would help hold the audiences attention. The reason I chose not to include it during the last section is that it would distract slightly from the narrators words also the last section is very important if students are to understand the poems message. I did not feel the need to portray every image in the poem visually as I felt many were self explanatory using just aural techniques. Also I felt that it would increase the audiences interest if they had to actually search for the meaning and reasoning behind some of my scene choices. ...read more.

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