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Examine how the Renault Laguna advertisement appeals to its target audience.

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Jessica Scales Examine how the Renault Laguna advertisement appeals to its target audience Advertising tries to catch a reader's eye to get them to read the advert and then go out and buy the product advertised. An advertisement in a magazine needs to catch the eye as most people just skim or flick through, so an advert needs bright colours and bold writing. Car advertisers have to face certain drawbacks with cars such as the expense of the car and all the hidden charges that are not thought of until after the purchase of the car. Expenses could include tax or insurance. Car retailers try to overcome this problem by offering free insurance for a period of time. Maintenance could also be a problem. A solution for this is by offering free breakdown cover or a warranty for a designated time. For example 3 years warranty. ...read more.


The target audience are young adults. This is implied by the Caption and background. The Laguna's general image is of a fast car. The caption means you can have fun in the car. Looking at the caption, background information and the specially angled picture I would say that this is a family car as it looks large. The word "Laguna" sounds Italian and romantic. This relates to the night-time theme of the picture. The caption says "SSH" which signifies a quiet car which will not disturb anyone or the surrounding nature inhabitants. Jessica Scales "Serious playtime" is a paradox, because serious and play appear to be opposites. The caption appeals to its target audience because of the paradox chosen. It relates to the younger generation, as serious meaning s mature and not been childish, while playtime means fun and enjoyable. This is encouraging its target audience to think of the car as a play thing. ...read more.


It tells you it has been voted the family car of the year and gives you contact details so you feel you have to contact them for more information. It talks about the "remarkable" car and that you will experience certain things while driving the car. Also it talks about the pollution and how much it doesn't pollute the area. Although the advert is eye catching it does not show the minor points of buying the car. It does not give enough information for you to actually want to go and buy the Renault Laguna straight away as it does not show certain things such as the interior, seats, the front of the car and the boot space(which people who are disabled look out for) which is what people go on when they buy a car. Also it does not give enough vital information to know certain things about the car; you would either have to phone the company or go into a showroom and ask which can be time consuming. 1 ...read more.

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