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Examine the advert 'Miracle' and analyse the techniques and ideas used to sell this product!

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Examine the advert 'Miracle' and analyse the techniques and ideas used to sell this product! In this essay I will.... > Examine the 'Miracle advert > Examine techniques and ideology - how they are used to sell > How image and text are used to enhance the use of stereotype > And the response to the advert The images I see are, the product (Miracle Bottle), and a woman (Uma Thurman). In the background of all this, there is a black mountain at the bottom on one half of the page with a pink background and the woman on the other. There is also text in the advert; miracle is written on the bottle and also on the woman. Lanc�me Paris is the company that makes this product. It is also advertised as a web site address, where you can enter and find more about this product. The key images in this advert are the woman and a bottle of Miracle, both on different sides of the page. ...read more.


Her facial expression looks positive in herself, that she is having pleasure from having the product. Also she looks refreshed from using the perfume and that every time she uses it, she feels happier and ready to go. Because of this, it could show a sexual relationship between women and women. As she looks liberated and has freedom to do what she wants with no one to stand in her way. People want her figure and looks by buying this product they can get close enough to being her. All audience, when buying this are inspiring to be rich like her, and a person who can 'have it all?" The history of women has changed in stereotype from when women were expected to do all the house work and cleaning a traditional job, to now where women can have the ability as men. Women are where they are today because of advertising is more wide spread. This is known as a shrinking world meaning better communication around the world. ...read more.


I picked these because they have a big font and one is on a black background and the other in a spacious area making it easier to read and see. Having the other texts smaller doesn't over power the image. The effects on the audience is, that it reinforces what the image is trying to say and both the text and the product text are the same showing similarity. The background is bright pink and gives out a feeling of femininity. Behind the bottle of Miracle perfume there is a striking and romantic pink sunset. The sunset is shimmering towards you; giving you the impression that you want to reach out touch the bottle. Pale pink clouds gives us a very sensual feeling of calm and tranquillity. This colour shows us it has a valentine theme of love and passion, and is marketed towards today's modern woman. In this essay I have.... > Sum up what I have found > Importance of studying media > 'Miracle sells by selling lifestyle, using image, text etc to change stereotype > Advertisement using society beliefs to sell > Advertisement is carefully crafted campaign ...read more.

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