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Explain codes and conventions in the media.

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COURSE: BTEC FIRST DIPLOMA IN MEDIA UINT3 1. Using the search you have done in class time write a short report covering the following: Explain codes and conventions. A genre is the type of category of a film, programme or other media text while codes and conventions make a genre, these could include like Print News Stories, film and radio. So what are codes and convention? What are codes? Codes are system of signs that make meaning to the audience and codes are divided into two categories: Technical codes which used to tell the story in a media text, for example the camera as killer while symbolic codes are do with gesture and body language, for example the way characters act tells us how they feel. What are conventions? Conventions are generally accepted ways of doing something, for example What to wear to relevant with genre. Codes and convention are always used together to make a genre. It is not enough to use only convention without mentioning how codes are used in genre. Give example of four media industries. There are many media industries and complete each other. ...read more.


brother Cartoon Mr bean Radio genre Example News programme Radio 4 news Comedy sketch show The Consultants Documentary File on four Situation comedy Radio 4 Wild Things! Science fiction Radio 4 - Archive Hour - Weird Science Chat show Radio 2 - Terry Wogan Biography Soap opera The Archers Drama series Press Office Interactive genre Example Website abey.co.uk DVD Die Hard 4 CD-ROM Classic Tattoo Designs Computer game FIFA 2008 Console game Mario Print genre Example Compact newspaper The Guardian Tabloid newspaper The sun Free sheet London paper Local newspaper Hackney newspaper Regional newspaper Western Daily Press News magazine The Economist Children's magazine T4 Women's magazine Pick me up TV listing BFBS 1 - Listings Comic Fantastic 4 Music magazine NME magazine Children's magazine With kids magazine 2. Choose a genre of your own and write a short report 300-500 words covers the codes and conventions and who you think the audience are. A genre I have chosen is a horror genre. It is my favourite genre as you will never know what will happen next in the film. There are two kinds of horror films nowadays modern classic horror films or modern horror films. ...read more.


* Identify the product and name. * Identify the target audience. * Identify what interests and lifestyle your audience will have. * Identify the marketing techniques you will use. The genre I have created is from the television industry. It is called "YOUR TIME"; it is a TV show that comes every Saturday at 6 pm and it is going to be show on BBC. I chose this time because almost every family usually watch the TV. To find its audience I looked at what audience enjoy and offer something similar. So Teenagers may be its target audience age 13 to 19 and it's for male and female because they have many things to show to people It covers everything about young people: interviewing them to get their opinions about specific things, showing their work, doing activities like. In my mind people are scared of young people who are so often demonised by the media. Some of their interests will be sport, keeping fit, having fun and discovering new things. The show will be marketed in teenager's magazine, website, on billboard and television advertising owned by same company. Target audience Some of their interests On Marketing Teenager 13-19 All gender sport, keeping fit, having fun and discover new things BBC channel Teenager's magazine, website, on billboard and television advertising owned by same company. ...read more.

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