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Explore the links between articles and adverts in a magazine (Guitar Magazine)

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Tom Kwei Media Studies Evaluate the links between the articles and the advertisements in the magazine. Total guitar is a basic hub of guitar knowledge on a monthly basis. It provides articles on lessons, interviews, reviews, techniques, in depth theory and guitar related new. The adverts are all guitars related ranging from actual guitar, strings, picks and cases etc. Also there are many gigs and music colleges advertised within. The target audience is essentially anyone that plays guitar, but if I were to give it an age/gender it would be 13-20, male. Some of the language used within is often slang and more then often very basic. ...read more.


The lifestyle that Total Guitars audience is mainly that of a wannabe rock star. We play a lot of guitars; we try and get alcohol and its all girls, girls, girls. From the perspective of the media we aren't considered a nuisance but nor an inspiration. Our values are at the core... honest. We are good people and are willing to pay some of our disposable income for a good value magazine. In terms of songs they tab (show you how to play) the choices range from the classics to the modern. By doing this is appeals to both older and younger audiences, giving the teenagers a rare history lessons, and the more mature audience a rare feeling of being up to date. ...read more.


If there is a guitar review a guitar advert appears near it. The articles often represent sexual stereotypes to appeal to the young audience. The mise-en-scene of the posters often places the instrument as the main focus, using anchorage text to attract the audience. Also after an interview they may be posters advertising tours. The poster creates a strong desire by showing the band in a direct mode of address and showing numerous 'sold out' dates. The links between the adverts and articles are relative in terms of subject. These links are agreed for the purpose of self gain. The advertisers plan to put there adverts in TG because it has already captured the target audience they wish to address. ...read more.

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