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Explore the various persuasive techniques used to promote similar products, which are very appealing.

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Adverts Adverts are powerful media texts. This essay will explore the various persuasive techniques used to promote similar products, which are very appealing. The comparison between three mobile adverts for the similarities and differences also media text communicate ideas through pictures of visual images that we can interpret these are called visual codes. The convention of an advert are a large visual image, a strapline (slogon) product name, product logo and all sorts of other features that will be introduced and might be very effective to the consumers depending on the quality of image. For the product being inspected the visual image would be a mobile phone. The first advert contains information that is very persuasive due to the written codes. The key word are very important because they decide if it catches the readers eye, for example the advert says "WIN �1000" the word WINS comes under written codes as it is a keyword in comparison to other adverts which might not have very effective written codes which will occur problems so the product might not get sold to the public as much as it could have done. ...read more.


Some details like the little poem is hand written or written on a desk, which stands out and makes it seem as if the writing is graphite. Last but not least is the virgin advert, which contains key word like: �20 off, free lunch, what an economical day and sea red. Then see virgin mobile, this last one is also a straphline, which is consuming. All these written codes dedicate that the phone is good value and referring to 'free lunch' i.e. little RRH also contrasts the colour red. Denotation and connotation combine together in order to produce visual codes, which is persuasive language to attract the consumers. A wolf dresses as a lady wearing glasses lying on the bed with a phone next to the her ear also a basket which contains food on the floor and a glass of water on the bedside table with the lamp on, all these facts are denotations and most of them are linked to the special offer. Connotations are the result of denotations for example little red riding hood, which is a fairytale; this illustrates little red riding hood as a connotation and fairytale as a denotation. ...read more.


The woman in the bikini is the most sexist visual image in the first advert and would attract men except gay men but the watery colour effect is another image where it sets every thing in the water. The second advert which contained media text in a form of poem, which was not attractive and interesting towards me even though it was meant to make me laugh. The final advert, which was the most colourful and impressive one, had special features, which changed the view of the advert like the twinkly stars. Comparing all three adverts the most appealing one to me was the last one as it contained special features and looked better than the others specially the layout everything was in the right position. My analysis of all three adverts has been completed and now has to be decided which one of these three are most sufficient. The last advert about setting the scene in Christmas is most appealing to me as it has the extra detail also has a special Christmas deal, which is FREE LUNCH. All these special offers make this particular advert more effective towards me. ...read more.

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