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Family Sitcoms (my family)

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Family Sitcoms Throughout all the many sitcoms that we see nowadays the most common ones are the family Sitcoms. I reckon that this is because families relate to people and they can have a much larger age range then work sitcoms because they will involve younger characters such as children rather than just a group of adults. Another reason for the large amount of family sitcoms is that society is always changing and there are so many different types of families, which can all, be reflected in all these different family sitcoms. And I think that they are all successful because the families that are watching them can all relate to them. After watching "my family" I have gathered some information on how each family member is represented. ...read more.


Susan Harper (the mother) Susan Harper is also portrayed as middle class but she is very easy going, polite, funny at some points and a bit of a control freak. Just like in a traditional family Susan is a housewife who cleans, deals with the children etc. But unlike a traditional family, poor Susan can't cook to save her life. I think that this was to an unconventional aspect to the family because generally, one would expect a housewife to be able to cook for her family since she has nothing else to do. Nick, Janey and Michael Harper (the children) The children in "my family" are very unconventional for a real family, yet very conventional for a TV family. ...read more.


Most of the sub-plots revolve around the children, whilst the main plots revolve around the adults. Usually what will happen is, Ben will be put into a situation that he has to get out of whilst Janey will want something so that she can be popular with the other girls in school, and Nick has some sort of plan to make money or to get a girlfriend. The main difference between the adults and the children is that the adults are much more three-dimensional than the kids. In pretty much every episode Janey wants something to be cool and Nick has an idiotic plan; what happens with Ben and Susan can change sometimes. Overall I think that all these family sitcoms have something in common, and that is that the farther is always the main character and there will always be sub-plots that involve the children ...read more.

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