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Film review - Grease 2. Expectations and overcoming barriers. Stephanie goes into the world as she overcomes the barriers she faced that prevented her from achieving what she really wanted, as did Rita. Both achieved their goals by leaving behind their wo

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Related texts: Module C, Into The World 1) Grease 2 (release 1982) Directed by Patricia Birch The T-Birds, Pink Ladies and the new comer Michael Carrington... The characters of the movie grease 2, the sequel to the more famously known part 1, Grease, who are in senior year at High School in America's Rydell High School and experience events throughout the film where they explore aspects of into the world. Stephanie Zinonie (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a pink lady and is sick of being forced to date a member of the T-Birds, as the rules of being apart of the gang is for a member of the t-birds (the guys gang) and a member of the pink ladies to date each other. "I aint nobodies trophy...!" this emphasises just how much Stephanie is tired of the traditional rules of being apart of the gang. She cannot turn away from the group as they have a high reputation in the community they live in and at their school, and are her only friends, leaving the group would mean shunning her out. ...read more.


Having failed to do so he then begins to write essays for the t-birds and they pay him, as their performance at school is beyond satisfactory. With the money he saves and his determination to win over Zinonie Michael purchases a motorbike and learns how to ride it. In his own time he manages to learn riding tricks that captured Zinonies attention at first glance, in his success he was still entrapped within his own world and was not able to make that final step and come forward of who he really was. At each opportunity that the cool rider was attempting to tell Zinonie of the truth the gang would approach and force him to move away. Just like the determination Rita had to change her life and become educated. Rita too faced obstacles due to the people around her, including her husband Denny, who burnt the books that Frank had given to her in order to study and better her essay writing skills. "He couldn't have made the jump" "Theres nothing down there" After chasing the cool rider due to Johnny's jealousy, the cool rider takes a ...read more.


With the pressure to live up to the expectations of others both Rita and Zinonie experienced misery and were not happy with their lives, the expectations placed by Rita's husband, family and friends were of her to have a baby and continue work as a hairdresser, the expectations placed on Stephanie by her peers was to live up to the standards of their exclusive group and to continue dating Johhny, "rules say that we're t-bird chicks, until graduation at least" the acceptance of this motto for one member shocks Zinonie who is beginning to realise that being a pink lady may not be all she thought it was. In this, Johnny, too, goes into the world as a more positive and accepting character. He finds love "I like what you've got, I guess its okay" stating this to Paulette, a member of the pink ladies who continuously attempts to capture Johnny's attention even after being rejected time after time. Stephanie goes into the world as she overcomes the barriers she faced that prevented her from achieving what she really wanted, as did Rita. Both achieved their goals by leaving behind their world and entering a new world. Year 12 English 1 ...read more.

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