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Film review of "The Mummy".The opening sequence made me feel terrified. I think after watching the opening sequence the genre was action/horror.

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The Mummy The opening sequence made me feel terrified. I think after watching the opening sequence the genre was action/horror. The Mise-en-scene shows the pharaohs importance by him riding on the chariot and he was wearing his crown. One way that the audience's attention is captured is through the audience's attention is captured is through the use of cinematography. The first shot shows the pyramids so we know we are in Egypt. The camera pans out and then we see the big statue of the pharaoh with his crown, and you can the people building the statue. ...read more.


The pharaoh has power in his body. When pushes Imhotep's priests out of the way. The audience now knows that he is the one with power. Imhotep is also a very powerful character and is in love with the pharaoh's mistress Anak Su Namun. When Imhotep is kissing Anak Su Namun he rubs a bit of her gold paint. The audience is thinking. What will happen next? I particularly liked the close up on the pharaoh's face when he saw all the Imhotep's priests. ...read more.


This makes the audience want to see the rest of the film because all the main characters so far are dead. That creates suspense. They want to see what will happen next. What will happen when everyone is already dead? I think the opening sequence was brilliant because it had everything that an ending needs. I thought the film was a thriller needs. I was really confused. What will happen next in the film? I think that's how Thebes could have been because it was like that in olden times because it was like that in olden times- enormous pyramids, the gigantic statues of the Gods and the all powerful and almighty pharaoh. ?? ?? ?? ?? Simranjot Singh ...read more.

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