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For this media assignment I have chosen two adverts that are promoting similar places, I have particularly chosen to focus no print media rather than film media as I feel I am more experienced in analysing them.

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GCSE English Media Coursework November 2003 For this media assignment I have chosen two adverts that are promoting similar places, I have particularly chosen to focus no print media rather than film media as I feel I am more experienced in analysing them. Also the number of adverts that we are subjected to are mostly in print than moving adverts. Places are advertising similar leisure and entertainment places, one is an aquarium and the other is an interactive leisure complex. I chose to analyse and compare these leaflets to find out how each of these entertainment facilities attempts to persuade and attract visitors. The purpose of both texts are to persuade and inform, they try to persuade the public to come and visit the places, though they also inform us of what their service provides and information that is important e.g. the Blue Planet aquarium leaflet informs us of information about fishes. The leaflets include information of what each place provides including what entertainment they provide. The leaflets are not targeted at a specific audience, though the Blue Planet aquarium seems to aim mostly at the younger generation considering that by showing a lot of children pictured in their leaflet but it does mention 'attractions for all ages'. The 'Life Interactive world' leaflet presents pictures of teens as well as adults therefore targeting the young adult generation. ...read more.


Though the second leaflet advertising the life interactive world show a picture of a woman inside a pupil of an eye, which also shares a common strangeness as the aquarium leaflet and again acquires the audiences interest. Further types of presentational devices that are most commonly used as slogans e.g. 'Blue Planet, its Aquamazing'. Slogans and mottos are used, as they are catchy and memorable. Another typical device to attract the audience is alliteration or exaggeration; it's used often to make something sound really enticing or awful. In the Blue Planet leaflet there is a few examples of alliteration such as 'amazing amphibians' 'feeding at frenzy'. There is also a vast amount of exaggeration used e.g. 'a thrilling visit' 'deadliest animals' 'shudder at UK's piranha exhibition'. Also in the life advert 'mouth-watering selection' 'mind bending film'. Boxes and bullet points are a way of making information accessible; they give the impression of being evidence. Bullet points can also make complex information into easy to understand facts and is therefore used widespread in these leaflets and many advertisements. They can also help to emphasise or stress a particular point. E.g. * FREE behind the scenes tour The type of language used can have an affect on the reader, if informal language is used, which is made up casual or shortened words, it creates a friendly, chatty tone: 'mind blowin' 'heart racin' 'breath takin'. ...read more.


I think the Blue Planet aquarium leaflet has been greatly successful in fulfilling its purpose. By analysing the leaflets I believe that it satisfies the criteria of a good advert. Whereas the life interactive world leaflet didn't have the same affect, although a great effort must have been put into it, and it includes many presentational devices, it isn't as eye catching as compared to the Blue Planet leaflet. It includes a lot of small print and its typography is not as effective as it could have been. Though the use of colour and creativity of the images is of a satisfying standard and does create a limited amount of interest. By writing this coursework and comparing and analysing the two sets of media adverts, I am amazed and fascinated at the effects of different techniques that writers and graphic artists use to try and attract the audience. I didn't realise how much work is put into an advert and how they have to consider a numerous number of minor details to try and achieve a successful response from the audience. By carrying out this assignment it will make me consider in future how much thought and work is put into adverts, and also how hard it is for advertisers to promote and persuade the public to buy their products or leaflets. Nafisa Ahmad 11S ...read more.

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