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Forms of Advertising

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Media Essay In this essay I am going to discuss the many different forms of advertising we are bombarded with every day. The dictionary definition of advertisement is: "public announcement to sell goods or publicise an event". (Taken from WHSmith Mini English Dictionary). Companies use advertising as the sole way of getting their product to be sold. This can be done using many advertising techniques, these techniques are what I aim to discuss to the best of my ability. Comparative: uses other products to show how good the advertised product is. An example of this is Orange comparing itself to BTCelnet. They compare their package to the more expensive package for mobile phones from BTCelnet. The effect that this way of advertising has on the viewer is that they will see the advertisement and think "well that Orange package is a lot cheaper than the one from BTCelnet, so I will go with that package because the other one is a lot more expensive". Also if the viewers were already with BTCelnet, they would probably change services provider. Celebrity endorsement: uses celebrities to influence the buyer. An example of this is Loriel using models and famous actors or footballers to promote their product of shampoo. ...read more.


Especially, if the consumer has any sense at all. Price: can be high or low. The price of a product is very important to many consumers or potential buyers. The consumer is going to want to pay a good price for a good product. For example you are not going to want to pay an extortionate price such as five pounds for a Snickers bar, nor would you expect to pay five hundred pounds for a Lamborghini Diablo (unless there was something seriously wrong with it). The dictionary definition of price is as follows: "Noun. Amount of money for which a thing is bought or sold; unpleasant thing that must be endured to get something desirable. Verb. Fix or ask the price of." It is important for the price to reflect the quality, exclusivity or worth of an object or the consumer or customer will not feel obliged to purchase the object unless they have more money than sense. Quality and status If you know that when you buy a product you are getting a well made and quality product then you then for example you know if a car is safe if it is well put together. ...read more.


If it is such a pleasure to wash this shows how exclusive the car really is and not many people have a Lexus because of that exclusivity. Ubiquitous nature of product: seen everywhere, everyone has one (e.g. mobile phones). This is the best advert in my opinion. The reason for this is that mobile phones are now a "must have" fashion accessory. This means that everyone will want one and once you get one there is bound to be another in style mobile so then you want that one and so on and so forth. This constant change in "style" is what makes products of that nature so successful in modern day society. Free offer A free offer is a good way to get people to try out your product. If a product is then good enough then people can subscribe for, keep or order one. A good example of this sort of advertisement on television is the A.O.L adverts, where you can get fifty hours free on the internet and after that you need to sign up to carry on using the service. This is a very good way to sell your product because the consumer will like it after trying it out and sign up to carry on using the service. Subconscious: e.g. on fashion clothing ...read more.

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