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Fragrance Advert

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Adam Carr Fragrance Advert Analysis Advertising is a multi-million pound industry. Each advert is aimed at projecting an image of a product at a particular audience. Each audience is carefully targeted; the packaging, the use of colour, pictures, wording and use of emotional appeal are all carefully thought out. I have chosen a range of fragrance adverts; these are Hugo by Hugo Boss and Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent. Each one uses a different combination of visual, presentational and language devices to get their message across. ...read more.


Above the picture is the slogan: 'C'est si bon d'etre Jazz'. This gives an image of Parisian style and sophistication whilst using French that someone who failed their GCSE French could understand. At the bottom of the advert is the YSL logo written in large font in order to catch the consumer's eye. The overall image projected by the advert is one purely of style and sophistication delivering a message that people who wear it are successful and citified. ...read more.


This gives an image of seductiveness and sex appeal. Going across the middle of the advert is the slogan; 'INNOVATE don't imitate' which gives the image of being free and your own person. Two contrasting background colours are used in the advert, which make it look fresh but bold. The advert uses a bold shade of red in order to appeal to a younger audience whereas the advert for Jazz keeps to black and white in order to focus on an image of sophistication. The advert would capture the target audience very well as it gives of a powerful image of independence which would very much appeal to young people. ...read more.

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