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GCSE English Language Assignment, KH2: Media

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GCSE English Language Assignment, KH2 Media The purpose of advertising is to familiarise the public with a certain brand or product. Companies spend millions of pounds a year on advertising so that when the public are searching for a product or service a certain brand is recognised and, as a result, their product or service is chosen. Companies need to ensure that their money is spent wisely. They do this by completing extensive market and physcological research. Members of the public from a company's target group or audience are chosen to express their views about the advertisment before it is published or aired. Media can include television, cinema and radio. This is the communications aspect of advertising. The other area for advertisments are the press. This contains the national and regional press (newspapers, magazines), posters and specialist publications that are aimed at a narrower market for people with certain interests (hobbies etc.) Collectively, this is called the media and each calls for a different way of promoting a company's message. Television and magazine/newspaper advertisments are the most popular for companies to promote their products currently. A press advert has to be informative, long lasting and eye-catching. ...read more.


They see this as the main selling point of the product. The figure, of a boxer in typical stance, doesn't look out of place in such a magazine but the fact that surrealism has been used, by substituting boxing gloves for cushions, creates a strong visual contrast that attracts attention and interest. The image draws the reader to the text which highlights the selling points succinctly and effectively, as discussed before. By creating the potent image, it is drawing a link between the powerful boxer, suggesting the strength of the product, and the delicate softness of the cushions, implying the product is gentle. I feel this has been used to good effect in the promotion as not only does it invite you to read on, it incorporates a pun- this perhaps prompting many people to wish to re-read the advertisment. This advert is effective. Sure get their point across extremely well and threw in humour and wit into the finished product. The first television advert I will analyse is promoting the Toyota Avensis saloon car. This advertisment is characterised by three succesful-looking business men, and situated in a gymnasium style building. ...read more.


All the body language of the Chanel campaign stresses that selling a scent can be as artistically significant as shooting a movie. It may seem strange that a merket leader as Chanel no 5 surely is should have such a huge budget thrust on it but the fims brief was not neccessarily to sell more perfume. The aim was to continue to reinforce no 5 as a global brand leader, keeping the product in the forefront of customers imagination. For this reason, their will be no immediate sales increase by which the advert can be judged. The plot of the advert is hugely clich�d and has such supinely globalised imagery and in the sense of keeping the Chanel brand in the imagination of the public, the �20million advertisment suceeds hugely. To conclude, advertising is not always about selling a specific product, it is selling a way of life, a style of living that we crave. The Chanel promotions are elegant and sophisticated and preserve its classic image. Toyota is also selling a way of life and recommends the car as the choice of the succesful individual who is more inclined to buy a product for what it is and not the brand name that is attached. Sure's advert is just about selling their deoderant and is aimed at one specific target group. Alexander Roel�ch 11e ...read more.

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