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GCSE Media Studies Coursework Section B

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GCSE Media Studies Coursework Section B Film Trailer Production Essay Sachin Shah Film trailers are a series of selected shots from the film being advertised. The purpose of the trailer is to attract an audience to the film. The audience are usually drawn from the most exciting, funny, or otherwise noteworthy parts of the film. For this purpose the scenes are not necessarily in the order in which they appear in the film (they can appear in a random order). The maximum length allowed by theaters is less than two and a half minutes. Each studio or distributor is allowed to exceed this time limit once a year; if they feel it is necessary for a certain film. The first trailer was shown in a U.S. movie theater was in November 1913, when Nils Granlund, the advertising manager for the Marcus Loew theater chain, produced a short promotional film for the musical The Pleasure Seekers, opening at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway. A film trailer normally consists of some of these following terms: Connotation, denotation, diagetic and non-diagetic sound, juxtaposition, mise-en-scene, representation, genre, demographic, tone, icon, convention, symbolise, camera angles, transitions ...read more.


So the suits get switched, and so they give the wrong suit to the man. They then try to track down the man, and get the chip back. By this time, he realises what the chip does. At the end, he makes a replica of the chip, which is really a bomb, and so he gives it back to the dodge people, and that's when the trailer ends. We thought of this idea, from the film "Firewall", where they want to hack the government's money. The idea also just popped into my mind, so we didn't spend much time thinking about it. My role in the group was to be the editing person, as I am good with using electronics. My group also had to come to my house to do some of the filming, so I had to arrange that. The shots that were done at my house, were the ones when two other men take one man into an alley way, and beat him up. This is when they want that chip back. ...read more.


The narrative that I used was our original voice. We didn't have a voice over as it was not needed, but we needed to put our voice in it, so the audience knows a bit about the film. The tone of my film trailer was anger and revenge. This was created by the bomb at the end, which is revenge and shows how angry the other man is. Also the fighting scenes in it shows some anger. Other people thought that the film trailer was a bit confusing. This may be because we put the scenes in a random order. They also thought it needed a bit of work, so we are going to try to improve it. The positives were the props and setting. The negatives are the acting and camera movement. If I were to do this task again, I would choose a completely different genre, maybe horror. No I don't think that it compares to how it would be in the film industry, as in the film industry, they spend lots of money on trailers and for this trailer we didn't spend any money. Also they have professional actors and camera men. ...read more.

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